Pizza and Spaghetti at Pizza Express in Shatin

Pizza Express lunch

Pizza Express located at Shop 121, Level 1, New Town Plaza Phase 1, 18 Shatin Centre Street, Shatin in Hong Kong

September 25, 2017:  Today, we went to the ubiquitous Pizza Express restaurant for lunch in Shatin.  They have many branches all over Hong Kong including the airport too.  I’ve also passed by this branch before but never tried it.

We were there around 1 o’clock for their lunch set special.  It included a small appetizer, main, and drink.

We ordered the Baked Dough Balls and Salmon Bite as appetizers, the Margherita Pizza and Spaghetti al Granchio as mains, and Dry Ginger (乾薑水) and Lemon & Ginger Tea (檸檬薑茶) as drinks.

Pizza Express Express Lunch Set

Express Lunch Set

Pizza Express Express Lunch Set menu and prices

Express Lunch Set menu

Pizza Express menu cover

Regular menu cover

Pizza Express in Shatin interior

I really liked the design of this restaurant

 Dry Ginger (乾薑水)

Dry Ginger (乾薑水)

Lemon & Ginger Tea (檸檬薑茶)

Lemon & Ginger Tea (檸檬薑茶)

The Salmon Bite (三文魚小吃) arrived first and definitely was a small appetizer with two bites of smoked salmon rolled up and some fresh greens.  The greens were indeed fresh and tasted good though.

Salmon Bite (三文魚小吃)

Salmon Bite (三文魚小吃)

The Baked Dough Balls (焗麵包球) arrived together with the Margherita Pizza.  The Baked Dough Balls turned out to be nothing special; just small airy buns served with butter.

Baked Dough Balls (焗麵包球)

Baked Dough Balls (焗麵包球)

The Margherita Pizza (瑪嘉麗塔皇后薄餅) was like a personal sized pizza and cut up into three diagonal pieces.  It was super thin crust and the taste was not bad.  I could taste the fresh tomato sauce.

Margherita Pizza (瑪嘉麗塔皇后薄餅)

Margherita Pizza (瑪嘉麗塔皇后薄餅)

The Spaghetti al Granchio (蟹肉白洒汁意粉) was a small portion too.  There were some shreds of crab meat on it and the portion was a bit spicy.  It was relatively good but not amazing.

Spaghetti al Granchio (蟹肉白洒汁意粉)

Spaghetti al Granchio (蟹肉白洒汁意粉).
-crab meat, anchovy paste, lemon oil (蟹肉,銀魚柳醬,檸檬油)

Now that I’ve tried Pizza Express, I can cross it off my list!

Pizza Express in Shatin interior

Parkview Restaurant is next to them

Pizza Express in Shatin lunch spread

The table wasn’t very big

Pizza Express in Shatin interior

There were lots of people surprisingly

Pizza Express in Shatin plaza

Pizza Express in Shatin New Town Plaza


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