Handmade Gourmet Cookies from The Night Baker in Toronto!

The Night Baker cookies box of 6

Cookies from The Night Baker!

November 27, 2017:  My friends Leanne and Mitch have steadily been baking and perfecting their cookie baking skills.  I have seen them gradually post photos of these homemade scrumptious-looking cookies on their social media feeds until one day they announced that they would be beginning a brand new venture with The Night Baker and selling their cookies to cookie-lovers all around the Greater Toronto Area!  What a great idea!

Even before sinking my teeth for the first time into these cookies, I already admired them for their looks.  They were so distinguishable, being so chunky, large, and so sufficient of ingredients whether it be a chocolate covered cookie, white chocolate cookie, or with berries.  I already knew that Toronto would fall in love with these cookies before tasting them.

The Night Baker cookies box of 6

A box of 6 cookies

Thus, it was my absolute pleasure to be able to taste these cookies for myself when The Night Baker generously provided me with the offer.  They delivered a box of six cookies to my doorstep — yes, they deliver!  — and I was so excited to try these out.

They are made to be chewy straight out of the box.  The box of six contained at least one of all four cookies that they currently offer, which included:

The Night Baker cookies box of 6

Four types of cookies in this box: The Chunky Classic; Red, White and Gooey; The Caffeine Fix; and Campfire Smores

  • The Chunky Classic: dark chocolate chunks, walnuts, and sea salt
  • Red, White and Gooey: raspberry and white chocolate
  • The Caffeine Fix: espresso and homemade butterscotch
  • Campfire Smores: burnt marshmallows in a double chocolate cookie

I loved these four types of cookies!  How beautifully classic yet so Canadian! 😀

The Chunky Classic was indeed a classic with lots of chocolate chunks and hints of the sea salt breaking through.  The Red, White and Gooey was unique in a delicious way since I hardly have had cookies with raspberries and white chocolate in it; the gooey white chocolate was heaven!  The butterscotch in the Caffeine Fix was so good!  Best of all, my favourite one was the Campfire Smores.  It was a love child between eating smores and the classic chocolate cookie.  It was just so delicious!  If you have a sweet tooth, you might find it so difficult to pull yourself away from one of these!

 Chunky classic chocolate chip cookie

Just look at that melted chocolate oozing out!

As I said, you can eat them straight from the box or even put them into the microwave (or small toaster oven if you don’t use a microwave like me) for 20 seconds to melt the cookie so that the chocolatey parts are extra gooey and warm.  Mmm!

 The Night Baker cookies


Follow The Night Baker on Instagram on where they will be popping up next (they currently have appeared in several pop-up booths in local food markets across the city) as well as more photos of their delectable cookies.  They deliver, so you can definitely contact them to inquire about gifting yourself or your loved ones a box of hearty cookies this holiday season. ^_^  Their website is www.thenightbaker.com.

Thank you again to The Night Baker for providing me with a box of your homemade love in a box for me to try!

FTC Disclaimer:  Although The Night Baker reached out and provided me with a complimentary package, the opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of the company.

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