Trial Class at Kalari Kickboxing and Martial Arts

Kalari Kickboxing and Martial Arts

Kalari Kickboxing and Martial Arts located at 57 Glen Cameron Rd, West Unit in Markham

December 23, 2017:  First time trying kickboxing at Kalari Kickboxing and Martial Arts for a free trial class!  The trial class was surprisingly two hours long which was incredibly valuable and worth attending to try this out.

What I liked the most was that the trainer Steve was incredibly encouraging, understanding, yet motivating and a very patient teacher too!  

He first went through with us individually the basics of how to punch and kick.  Then, we went through the warm-up exercises with the rest of the class (a series of jumping jacks and squats and push-ups and planks and almost everything under the sun) before partnering up to partake in various combinations of punches and kickboxing.  It was also incredibly kind of Steve to lend us the gloves to use even though to borrow one was actually $3.  I appreciated that kind gesture.

At the mid-point of the class, we switched roles with our partner so that one was the puncher and the other was the receiver (I don’t know the proper terms for these lol).  At the end of the session, we did stretches and cool-down exercises to round out the class.

This was the most intense kickboxing class I’ve ever done.  I believe I’ve done a short one at Flirty Girl Fitness before, but this one was definitely more focused on technique and quality of the punches/kicks.


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2 Responses to Trial Class at Kalari Kickboxing and Martial Arts

  1. Frank says:

    Interesting experience! Thanks for sharing!

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