Papa Chang’s Take Out and Catering at Alden and Warden in Markham

December 5, 2018:  Did you know that Papa Chang’s has a new outpost?  I noticed this new location a few months ago when Natalie and I attended a hip hop dance class at VYbE!   Since then I’ve been wanting to swing by Papa Chang’s Take Out and Catering whenever I was in this area so that I could have a fixing of the best Taiwanese popcorn chicken.  

As I suspected from the small interior, this location is mostly a take-out spot.  They do have two tables if you were to dine in but that idea is all around catering and take-out food.

I ordered the popular and favourite Popcorn Chicken ($6) along with my mom’s choice of crispy fried fish skewers.  While we waited for the food to come out, I admired the wall mural featuring the old-style Hong Kong community.  The cashier was very nice and friendly.

I was so impressed that both items were packaged in a paper carton!  I love businesses that are environmentally friendly and abstain from Styrofoam or plastic packaging.  The carton of popcorn chicken was so full and seemed much bigger in portion than the last time I ordered it from the Pacific Mall location.  Each morsel of fried popcorn chicken was crispy, full of seasoning, and juicy and meaty.  The pieces were very substantial!! I loved it and it satisfied and fulfilled me immensely.  The chicken was piping hot also well into eating into half of the portion. 😀

The crispy Fish Skewers ($6) were beautifully battered and fried.  There were three skewers in the order.  They were topped with Japanese mayonnaise and wasabi sauce.  The fish fillet was soft and tender.  It was delicious.  The popcorn chicken is still the best deal though.

When my next craving hits, I’ll be back for more. 😀

(Interestingly, I noticed that this location is not open on the weekends at all…  so then if I wanted to have a holiday party on the weekend with a big tray of their delicious popcorn chicken, how do I order? :O  Also, this new location hasn’t been added to their website.  Their original dine-in location is at 16th Ave and Main Street N.)

Papa Chang's Take Out and Catering Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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3 Responses to Papa Chang’s Take Out and Catering at Alden and Warden in Markham

  1. gchan7127 says:

    I have yet to try Papa Chang’s chicken! Ahhhhhhhh….

  2. gchan7127 says:

    I mean, popcorn chicken.

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