Urban Dance Classes at VYbE Dance Company

VYbE Dance Company

VYbE Dance Company located at 431 Alden Rd, Unit #7 in Markham

August 5, 2018:  My first time taking an urban choreography dance class! XD  I found out through this class that I have zero musicality in urban hip hop dancing XD.  What I can describe it is a robot (me) walking into a room full of parrots who can all dance in tune together.  You can imagine the scene in your head.  Hahahah… 😀

VYbE (pronounced “vibe) is a dance company situated in Markham that hosts hip hop, K-Pop, urban choreography dance classes, and more.  I’m so glad that Natalie invited me to join her for a drop-in class because this would have been out of my interest range for sure.  It was so fun to try something new and out of my interest or ability.  You literally don’t care and dance like no one is watching.

VYbE Dance Company open class schedule

Open class schedule and summer dance camp info as of August 2018 (check their website for most up-to-date information

We had intended to take the 5:35 p.m. Sunday K-pop class, but we found out before arriving through their Instagram page that the K-pop class was suddenly cancelled that day!  We had been looking forward to it but went with the Urban Choreography class which was at the same time slot instead since we didn’t want to completely cancel our plans.

I read the details afterward and the level 2 class actually was appropriate for those who have TWO years + of experience in the dance subject. 😂😂😂😂  Talk about incompatibility of student to class description.  Oh well.  We survived anyway and it was fun to try.

What I loved most was watching the instructor and the really senior students do the dance routine flawlessly.  I cannot move like that in a million years, I know.  Lol I’m just not made to move like that.

At the end of the class, we split into two groups to dance the full choreography for the instructor.  Flubbing works haha.

VYbE Dance Company class performance

Class performance at the end

VYbE Dance Company class performance

Everyone so in sync!

At the very end, the dance routine was filmed and put online on their Instagram page.  This is the result:

(I thought it was such a smart idea to have the dance routine that we learned during that class recorded by their staff and then shared onto their social media page.  It kind of is a “finished product” that we created that day and it’s fun to watch it and reflect back on.  You can also learn from it to correct any mistakes and to become a better dancer too.  I love these ingenious ideas these days.)

VYbE Dance Company group performance

These pros working it

This was so fun even though I’m not cut out for this stuff.  I highly recommend it if you want to try a hip pop or urban dancing class.  I’d like to try the K-Pop class (or even level 1 hip hop…) next time..  I’m sure pop music dancing is more my style.  Haha 😀

By the way, I couldn’t stop re-watching these videos.  I liked the beat and vibe (heh) of the music and I love the passion behind the eyes of those that were really good at it.  I admire and respect their skills so much!  So much appreciation for hip hop dancers every time I see this dance form now.

VYbE Dance Company dance studio

The larger dance studio

VYbE Dance Company reception desk

Reception desk

VYbE Dance Company poster

They do corporate events and more

VYbE Dance Company storefront

Located at Warden Ave. and Alden

Our drop-in class was $15 for a single class.  They offer better deals for multiple classes on their website.


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5 Responses to Urban Dance Classes at VYbE Dance Company

  1. Jasmin Yeung says:

    Wow! Thank you for this lovely review Stenoodie!! 🙂 Please do come back for the KPOP CLASS! 🙂

  2. gchan7127 says:

    Wow!!! This looks so cool! I was trying to find you in the video!!!

    The K-pop class sounds so interesting! Hehe maybe I’ll try it one day!

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