A First Look at the Monga Fried Chicken in Toronto

Monga Fried Chicken promo

Monga Fried Chicken located at 692 Yonge St in Toronto

Thanks to another DKLoEvent, I was able to attend a tasting to try the new Monga Fried Chicken that has arrived in Toronto.  Monga Fried Chicken (艋舺雞排) is a Taiwanese chain of fried chicken that boasts thick-cut and crispy fried chicken cutlets and “Bao-gers”.

On a Tuesday evening at 6:15 p.m., the tasting began.  As usual, there were a lot of food Instagrammers in the house, both new and old.  I took some photos of the products on display.  Shortly thereafter, Darren welcomed us officially to Continue reading


Tasting Dinner at Mabu Generation

Mabu Generation food

Mabu Generation located at 3235 Hwy 7 #23-26 in Markham

This past Tuesday, I was invited to Mabu Generation to a tasting event organized by DKLoEvents.  I had been to Mabu Generation for dinner with my friend previously (that blog post is available here).  From that visit, I didn’t have the fondest impression of the restaurant because I thought that while their menu selection was large and varied, the quality of the food was a little lacking.  I did say that I wanted to return though because I wanted to try their dessert items and other dishes too — their menu was so large that there was Continue reading

Desserts at Taiwanese-inspired Light Café

Light Café black sesame dessert

Light Café

On Friday evening, my girls and I met up for dinner at Light Café.  I had seen photos from Light Café pop up since last summer on social media and since then had always been intrigued to go to try it out.  It’s a Taiwanese-inspired café with savory items like hot sandwiches, mini pizzas, salads, soup, and baked potatoes as well as lots of Continue reading

Lunch and Dessert at Sweet O’clock

Sweet O'clock storefront

Sweet O’clock located at 5461 Yonge St in North York

“What time is it?”

“It’s Sweet O’clock!” XD

I’ve passed by Sweet O’clock many times before while walking on Yonge Street near Finch Avenue East.  Sweet O’clock is a Taiwanese dessert restaurant that also serves Japanese-inspired hot dishes and overall Asian snacks in addition to traditional Taiwanese desserts.   Continue reading

ZenQ (Markham – Woodbine location)

 ZenQ Woodbine

ZenQ located at 7240 Woodbine Ave in Markham

A few days ago, after a non-stop couple of days of transcript work and days in court, I was craving for some popcorn chicken and decided to pop into the new location of ZenQ in Markham to satisfy my taste buds.  This new location of ZenQ is located on Woodbine Avenue north of Steeles.  It’s located in the same establishment as the Shopsy’s restaurant.   Continue reading

Mabu Generation

Mabu Generation

Mabu Generation located at 3235 Highway 7 East, Unit 23-26 in Markham

I finally got to try Mabu Generation!  This is a Taiwanese inspired restaurant with elements of Japanese dishes on their menu.  They have a first location at Yonge and Finch called Mabu Station.  Mabu Generation is an extension of their store but in the Markham area!  I was so excited to try this place out finally with Tracy when we had dinner there last Friday.   Continue reading

Papa Chang’s Express

Papa Chang's Express popcorn chicken

Papa Chang’s Express located at Pacific Mall, Second Floor, 4300 Steeles Avenue East in Markham

Yay, popcorn chicken!  My favourite! ❤  Papa Chang’s has one of the best popcorn chicken I’ve ever had and after I knew that they had opened a second location on the top floor of Pacific Mall as an express eatery, I had always kept it in the back of my mind to go visit.  This chance came this past Family Day weekend where after an intense bootcamp workout at Fight Fit Bootcamp, I was craving popcorn chicken and this was the closest spot to trying some before dim sum (yes, I had popcorn chicken for breakfast essentially haha).   Continue reading

Iron Cow Taiwanese Beef Noodles

Iron Cow Taiwanese Beef Noodles

Iron Cow Taiwanese Beef Noodles located at Shop 28, LG/F, Hilton Towers, 96 Granville Road in Hong Kong

Oct 1, 2016 – Iron Cow Taiwanese Beef Noodles (鐵牛台灣牛肉麵)

Before we headed off to view the fireworks for the National Day of the People’s Republic of China and do some pokemon hunting on October 1, Willa led us to Iron Cow Taiwanese Beef Noodles at Tsim Sha Tsui for some Taiwanese beef noodles.   Continue reading

Complimentary Tasting Dinner at Té

tapas from Té restaurant

Té located at 70 Ossington Ave. in Toronto

When Grace Cho, the chef and co-owner at Té, reached out to me about visiting her restaurant for a complimentary tasting in order to get my feedback and review on Zomato I was excited and looking forward to the meal!

Té is an Asian fusion restaurant on the Ossington Strip of downtown Toronto.  Their menu is an Asian twist on North American bar foods and their cocktails are tea inspired; this includes bubble tea cocktails.   Continue reading

Drinks and Snacks at Cha Me Cha (Markham location)

Cha Me. Cha located at 8333 Kennedy Road, Unit 1078 in Markham

It’s nice to meet up with old friends to catch up.  Alice and I met up with two old friends and a new one at Cha Me. Cha over some Taiwanese drinks and snacks.  There are three locations of Cha Me. Cha in Toronto.   Continue reading