En Sushi in Brampton

 En Sushi storefront

En Sushi located at 7694 Hurontario St in Brampton

February 23, 2019:  After visiting a wedding expo in Mississauga, we ended up at En Sushi for some sustenance.  En Sushi is an all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurant in a plaza where another buffet, “Wok of Fame”, is located.  We arrived right at 3:10 p.m. wherein the server asked us if we wanted to partake in their lunch buffet or the dinner buffet option.  (Their lunch buffet option ends at 3:30 p.m. so we only had a few minutes to decide and order food if we indeed wanted that.)  We initially said that we wanted to look at the items available for selection first on the iPad, but the server mentioned that if we wanted the lunch selection, we would only have 20 minutes to make our orders.  At first glance, the price between the lunch and dinner buffet was almost a $10 difference, thus we hurriedly decided to order from lunch selection.  It turns out that even though it was a weekend lunch buffet, they didn’t serve any sashimi at all in the lunch option!  I guess they only serve it during the dinner buffet service.  Also, I was surprised that there was a lack of vegetarian items like stir-fry mushrooms or stir-fry vegetables.

We ordered enough items in the 20 minutes’ time that we had before the lunch service was up.  All of the items arrived in lightning speed!

 En Sushi iPad ordering

iPad ordering

 En Sushi lunch and dinner all you can eat prices

Lunch and dinner all you can eat prices

The food quality was pretty good for a Japanese all-you-can-eat.  I particularly liked their crab salad rolls (so yummy and the sushi rice was perfect), the avocado salad, seaweed salad, shrimp tempura, chicken cutlet rice, and sushi pizza.  The chicken wings were freshly fried and crispy hot.

 En Sushi items

First round of all arrived within three minutes of us submitting the order!

 En Sushi items

The rest of our items

 Sushi pizza

Sushi pizza

 Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken

I think had we known that the selection was so much smaller for the lunch option, we would have chosen the dinner option instead (I assume the dinner option serves more variety).  In the future, I think what the server should have done for us in this case is actually inform us of the difference in food selection between the lunch and dinner options.  It’s not so much the price of the options that matters than the type of food served between each option had we known that was what the price difference was all about.  In other words, if she told us right away that “The dinner option serves more items like sashimi while the lunch option does not,” that might have sealed the deal for us.  (I really wanted to try the sashimi.)

 En Sushi interior

We were given booth seats near the other end of the restaurant

(They also have an a la carte menu, but we preferred the all-you-can-eat option.)

En Sushi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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