Vegetarian Indian Food at Bhai’s Indian Canteen

Bhai's Indian Canteen

Bhai’s Indian Canteen located at 115 York Blvd, Unit #8 in Richmond Hill

October 4, 2019:  How funny.  I wanted to revisit this restaurant, Bhai’s Indian Canteen, again because I hadn’t blogged about it the first time I visited.  When I look back at my records, I actually visited this restaurant pretty much exactly a year ago!  I visited on October 7, 2018.  XD

The three of us arrived for dinner without a reservation on this Friday evening, and the restaurant was moderately busy.  I was given a table quickly.  I immediately noticed that the restaurant had updated their menu; it was no longer printed on a simple piece of paper format but was done on a more sleek covered board.

Bhai's Indian Canteen menu cover

Menu cover

Bhai's Indian Canteen menu and prices

Menu as of October 2019

Bhai's Indian Canteen interior

View from my seat

We picked several items to share.  Everything on the menu is vegetarian.  Bhai’s Indian Canteen’s menu carries a lot of authentic Indian dishes that you may not find anywhere else.  For example, it was my first time trying dosas here.  The Masala Dosa dish was a crisp lentil and rice crepe that was shaped like a cone when it arrived.  It was so cool.  There was tempered potato in the dish too as well as a sauce on the side.  The dosa was so crispy and thin!  It was actually quite good.  The tempered potato was a bit too spicy for my taste.

Masala Dosa

Masala Dosa. $11.95
-crisp lentil and rice crepe with tempered potato

Masala Dosa

Lifting up the dosa to reveal the tempered potato

The Paneer Butter Masala was a small bowl of a homemade cheese tomato sauce.  The sauce was smooth and tasted really good.  I also liked the paneer (cheese) in it.  The chunks were very soft, almost like tofu, and not cheesy at all.

Paneer Butter Masala

Paneer Butter Masala. $12.50
-homemade cheese tomato sauce

We had this curry masala order accompanied with some Garlic Naan.  We were only planning to order one serving for the three of us, but the server strongly recommended two servings.  In the end, we actually had four pieces of naan left in the two baskets.  We really didn’t need to order two servings at all.  (My recommendation is that you order one serving first.  The naan gets cold easily and doesn’t taste as good when it is cooled down, so you might as well order them separately just in case anyway.)

Garlic Naan

Garlic Naan (1 serving). $1.95

We ordered the Tandoori Momos.  I realized after looking at my photos of my first visit that we had ordered these the first time too!  The momos are mixed vegetable dumplings served with a chili garlic marinade.  The vegetable dumplings were akin to Chinese potstickers, yet more “herby” and saucy from the Tandoori flavour.

Tandoori Momos

Tandoori Momos. $11.50
-mixed vegetable dumplings, chili garlic marinade

We also ordered the Choley Bhaturey dish.  This was a chickpeas curry with fried bread.  The chickpeas tasted quite good and was such a comforting home dish to eat.  The fried bread was puffy and thicker than the dosa.

Choley Bhaturey

Choley Bhaturey. $9.95
-chickpeas curry, fried bread

I found the service from the only server in the restaurant to be so-so and restless.  I didn’t like how she rushed us to place an order, and then rushing us again multiple times at the end of the night on whether we were finished our food or not.  She seemed really impatient and was even shocked that we still were not done eating when she came around to ask us a second time.  The restaurant wasn’t even that busy, so why did she have to keep asking us and rushing us?

Bhai's Indian Canteen food

Out dinner that night

Nevertheless, we had some good Indian food that was quite authentic.  They have other Indian dishes as well as Chinese Hakka dishes.

The parking lot at this plaza is quite horrendous; it’s small and crowded.  Since a year ago when I last visited, they have worsened the parking lot by adding a couple of extra parking spots near the artery of the parking lot.  It is tight to maneuver through the artery.

There is more parking in a big lot available across the road, so you may want to park there and walk over to the restaurant instead of fighting for a spot in a tiny parking lot.

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