Ferris360 private workout class

December 1, 2019:  The latest charity event hosted by the Toronto Trillium Lions Club was a private workout class at Ferris360.  The proceeds of the class sales went to Princess Margaret non-profit organization. 

This was a great physical activity and I enjoyed the concept of working out together under the guise of a staff member of Ferris360.

Ferris360 is an indoor fitness space located in midtown Toronto on Yonge Street just before Davisville and across from Davisville subway station.  They have been operating since 2012 and have different workouts catered to different strengths and target areas like HIIT, Pilates, barbell, and strength training.

On this snowy, freezing raining Sunday 11 a.m., we had a private class hosted (that’s not listed on the roster).

Ken and I actually arrived at 11:15 a.m. ish due to the snowy roads, but luckily the instructor had just started class due to other people having difficulty with traffic as well.  It was an one-hour class.  We started with some alternating warm-ups: about 1 minute (I think) of cardio on any machine to get the heart going (you could choose between the treadmill, the rowing machine, stair climber, bicycle, or one machine there you pulled down lines using both arms) and then a minute of mat work.

There were two major circuits we did which also involved alternating between cardio work and work on the mat with three different level weights.  We did chest openers and presses on the floor with the weights.  We alternated leg lifts with the weights in our arms.  We then did three rounds of 10 weighted squats, 10 squat presses, 10 sit-ups, and 40 shoulder taps with each round alternated with a different cardio activity of our choice.

We finished off with a cooling session that I was well familiar with: child’s pose, downward dog, and pigeon pose. 😀

The hour of class flew by.  I didn’t feel too defeated since I feel that my regular yoga classes have helped me strengthen my core tremendously over the past couple of months which makes me almost immune to the usually tiring core workouts. :p

The instructor explained all of the different activities thoroughly, but I wish he stayed in front of the room and continued to demonstrate them while we were doing them so I could reference how to do some properly.  Nevertheless, it was a fruitful and good workout.

The next day, I definitely felt my armpit and connecting arm areas sore from doing the “fly” chest openers.

I’m thankful to the Toronto Trillium Lions Club for setting up another great group activity (introducing us to Ferris360 and its facilities) and which benefits a local charity too!

Ferris360 has gendered change rooms and washrooms on site as well as water for purchase.  Their collection of varied cardio machines is impressive.

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