Product Review: Sunny Fruit Organic Figs

Sunny Fruit Organic Figs

Sunny Fruit Organic Figs

I love that these dried organic Smyrna Figs from Sunny Fruit are enclosed in individual packets inside of the bigger one!  It makes it so easy to snack and take on the go!  There are four figs in each packet and even though they’re dried, they are still juicy and tender.  I like that there are no preservatives or unnecessary ingredients.  All the ingredient list says are “organic dried figs” and “water”.  Each fig is about the size of a small grape and is so tasty. 😀

Sunny Fruit Organic Figs

Description of the bag

Sunny Fruit Organic Figs

5 packets in each bag

The only downside is that because they are individually packaged, it means more plastic waste for our planet Earth. 😦

It’s a product of Turkey and is a certified non-GMO product.  It is also gluten and net free, no sugar added, a source of calcium, and high fibre! 😀

We bought these from the Winco Supermarket at Woodbine and Hwy 7 in Markham.  Each bag is only $3.99!

When you can’t always get fresh figs year-round, these conveniently packaged fruit snacks are the next best thing.

I can see how these can be such great snacks for kids to eat during recess time at school.  No sharing for these because they’re just that good.  Also, they’re perfect for work as well.

Sunny Fruit Organic Figs

Sunny Fruit Organic Figs

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