ONNURI Korean Restaurant (Scarborough)

ONNURI Korean Restaurant menu cover

ONNURI Korean Restaurant located at 3330 Pharmacy Ave in Scarborough.

January 18, 2020:  We enjoyed a family style dinner at ONNURI Korean Restaurant, located at 3330 Pharmacy Avenue (main intersection is Pharmacy Avenue and McNicoll Avenue) in Scarborough.  I had never been to this Korean restaurant before and, as always, was excited to try a new restaurant out.  (It appears there is a restaurant of the same name in Mississauga too.)

When we drove up to this restaurant on a really snowy and wintry evening, I immediately recognized it as what used to be a Hong Kong style cafe years ago that used to serve garlic escargots too.  I remember one time after my Saturday class as a kid coming here to have an afternoon snack.

ONNURI Korean Restaurant backdoor entrance

Backdoor entrance

When we were driving on Pharmacy Avenue and turning right to their entrance, our car got stuck in the slight uphill driveway.  Even reversing and backing out of the entrance didn’t work; we had to actually try to dig some of the snow out behind the tires before we were able to successfully turn in.  After we turned into the small parking lot, we called our other family members to alert them about the driveway and to use the entrance on McNicoll Avenue instead.

Once parked, there’s a backdoor entrance that you can use to enter the restaurant.  Otherwise, if you are taking the bus or walking to the restaurant, you can enter from the main door facing Pharmacy Avenue.

ONNURI Korean Restaurant wasn’t very big inside but enough for several four-seater tables and a large group table in the middle of the room.  Since it was such a snowy night, we were one of the only tables dining in for most of the evening.

They had a good extensive menu with many pages of colourful photos with all kinds of Korean dishes like pork belly, pork bone soup, japchae, grilled fish, beef ribs, dumplings, and more.  We ordered an assortment of dishes to share on our side of the table.

ONNURI Korean Restaurant dinner

Korean dishes with banchan

ONNURI Korean Restaurant dinner

Lots of hot soup for a cold night

I liked how we also ordered a plate of Korean Fried Chicken to share at the end too.  I love trying fried chicken in any form. :9

Korean Fried Chicken

Korean Fried Chicken (large). $24.99

I’d definitely return to Onnuri again in the future for more good Korean eats if we were in the area.

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