Pandemic 2020 Takeout Eats: Me Va Me Express (Steeles and Hilda) in Thornhill

Me Va Me chicken shawarma

Me Va Me Express located at 330 Steeles Ave W in Thornhill

A few weeks ago after browsing items at Babies R Us, the hunger pangs struck my husband so we headed straight to Me Va Me Express (330 Steeles Ave W) which was in the same shopping vicinity.  This location of Me Va Me in Thornhill is an express eatery, meaning that there were no dine-in tables or seating (even pre-pandemic).  They do have some standing tables though on the sides of the restaurant.  The store was equipped with Plexiglas installed between the cashier/counters and the customer and there were floor stickers indicating where each customer should stand to maintain physical distancing.  There was a bottle of hand sanitizer on the counter for use.  The front door of the restaurant also indicated that if there were more than five customers inside the store that the sixth person should wait outside to maintain only five customers at a time.

 Me Va Me Express menu and prices


 Me Va Me Express Thornhill ordering counter

Clean facilities

 Me Va Me Express Thornhill interior

One shot of the entire restaurant

During this visit, we ordered the Chicken Shawarma Laffa with everything in it except for banana peppers as well as the Chicken Lentil Soup to go.

Service was prompt.  It took less than five minutes after placing the order to receive our takeout order.  During this time, I saw many customers walk in with their pre-orders waiting for them at the counter and walk out.  It was a very efficient system.  I liked that there was a flat-screen TV showing CP24 news as well on their wall.

Chicken Shawarma Laffa

Chicken Shawarma Laffa. $11.95

The Chicken Shawarma Laffa was gigantic!  For only $11.95, this was an amazing deal.  It was thick and the size of my arm.  Inside, the ingredients were fresh and generous.  I loved that the laffa wrap held up all the ingredients and didn’t get soggy or wet at all (unlike the recent shawarma experience from another restaurant).  There were lots of chunky pieces of chicken too.  This is definitely a reason to return to Ma Va Me in the future to order more of these quality chicken shawarmas.

Chicken Shawarma Laffa

We had every ingredient inside except for banana peppers

Chicken Lentil Soup

Chicken Lentil Soup. $6.75

The Chicken Lentil Soup was served in a rather small paper bowl (but I appreciated the paper material due to it being environmentally friendly).  However, it was wrapped very tightly with lots of saran wrap.  I understand it’s to prevent spills from happening, but there was way too much plastic wrap used around the container.  When I opened the paper lid, it was lidded in a way that I ended up spilling the soup over myself.  Clumsy of me but I think it was also a poor design of the bowl.

The soup itself was chock full of chicken chunks and soft grainy lentils.  The soup was reddish in colour and a good comfort soup to dig into.

Chicken Lentil Soup

Chicken Lentil Soup

It was really nice to enjoy food from Ma Va Me.  I haven’t had their food since I dined at their Markham location more than five years ago.  This experience has refreshed my impression of the Mediterranean franchise and how affordable it is to get a mighty good quality shawarma!

Ma Va Me Express Thornhill storefront


Me Va Me Express Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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