Genki Sushi in Shatin

Genki Sushi Shatin

Genki Sushi located at Sha Tin, Wang Pok St, 好運中心3樓183號舖 Lucky Plaza Fung Lam Court in Hong Kong

January 7, 2019:

Conveyor belt sushi!!! 😀  I’ve been wanting to try this out! 😀

After my facial at the Shatin Lucky Plaza, I remember passing by this conveyor belt sushi restaurant and decided to come in for dinner.  I didn’t realize it was Genki Sushi until we actually stepped in (oops, also forgot to take a picture of the storefront).  Genki Sushi (元氣壽司) is a Japanese-based chain.  I had Continue reading

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Aqua Peel Facial at 2 mm Expertise Beauty

2 mm Expertise Beauty

2 mm Expertise Beauty located at 沙田希爾頓中心三樓36A, Sha Tin, Hong Kong 香港

January 7, 2018:

The last time I got a facial in Hong Kong was probably 5 years ago. 🤔  This time, with lots of unsightly breakouts, I decided to see what was in the area and try a place to try to calm down my acne.

2mm Expertise Beauty ( 2毫米醫學專家美容有限公司) is located inside the Lucky Plaza in Shatin, Hong Kong.  Continue reading

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MOS Burger (Citylink Plaza, Shatin)

January 7, 2019:
This was my first time trying MOS Burger! Apparently, MOS Burger is a fast food chain hailing from Japan and after McDonald’s, it is the second largest fast food chain in Japan! Their name “MOS” stands for “Mountain, Ocean, Sun”.

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Ying Kee Restaurant 英記茶餐廳 in Mong Kok

Ying Kee Restaurant 英記茶餐廳 (32 Ki Lung St, Mong Kok).

January 7, 2019:

It was our first full day in HK and of course I wanted to have a traditional Hong Kong style breakfast at a cha chaang teng. 😀

Jet lag held us captive and I was fully awake at 4 a.m.  Thus, why not start the day early and fight against my circadian rhythm? I looked up breakfast spots which were open at this ungodly hour and Ying Kee Restaurant popped up which was a 13-minute walk from our place and which served the traditional HK breakfast fare.

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January 6, 2019:

After the bowl of dan dan noodles, we headed straight for a fish soup noodles place called 魚鱻魚湯專門店 we had seen while exploring what was offered in the area. This type of cuisine is my mom’s territory. While I love the fish soup itself, my mom loves the stringy rice noodles.

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Shanghainese Food at 三和滋味館

January 6, 2019:

First meal in Hong Kong on this trip! 😀 I was feeling for soupy noodles but didn’t want wonton or cross bridge or thick noodles. And so after we walked around the block looking at the restaurant choices, we stopped in here for a bowl of dan dan noodles with fried pork chops (HK $58). This restaurant served Shanghainese food.

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My Year in Review: 2018

2018 year in review

My 2018

This year — what can I say?  2018 was the year that the most ever happened to me, in terms of positive amazingness/major life milestones and health-wise.

First of all, before I get into the bulk of what happened this year, I like to gloat about the trips that I had the privilege to take this year.  This year, in February, I got to travel to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories on a five-day trip with my extended family members to go dog sledding, “ice fishing”, and view the Aurora Borealis.  This was an amazing bucket-list travel spot and Continue reading

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