A very vivid and accurate steno dream…

…which I hope never comes to fruition.

I dreamt I was at work as a stenographer and instead of being in one room by myself with the group like Continue reading

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Yelp’s Gunslingers Gathering at Lone Star Texas Grill

 Lone Star Texas Grill onion rings

Lone Star Texas Grill located at 157 York Blvd in Richmond Hill

February 19, 2019:  The first Yelp Community Event of the year!  This is a Yelp event that is not catered to just Yelp Elites but open to anyone who is a Yelp member (it’s free to become one).

This Yelp’s “Gunslingers Gathering” was held at the Richmond Hill location of Lone Star Grill, which serves Tex-Mex food (I believe it is newly opened and that the former location of the Continue reading

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Dim Sum at The One Fusion Cuisine

The One Fusion Cuisine tablecloth

The One Fusion Cuisine located at 9019 Bayview Ave, Unit 9 in Richmond Hill

February 18, 2019:  There’s a new brand Chinese restaurant in town!  The One Fusion Cuisine (聚龍軒) takes over the place of a former Chinese restaurant (of which I don’t believe that I have been to before) at Bayview Avenue south of 16th Avenue in Richmond Hill (in a plaza with a supermarket and Soon Tofu and a few other local businesses).

The Chinese restaurant opened at 9 a.m. and because we Continue reading

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So this is what a weekend feels like

So this is what a weekend feels like! ^_^

This is the first weekend in another while where I don’t have any transcripts on my plate to do. Continue reading

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Sunset Grill (Woodbine/Highway 7) in Markham

Sunset Grill Woodbine Markham

Sunset Grill located at 8630 Woodbine Ave, Unit A1 in Markham

February 17, 2019:

This location of Sunset Grill is one of many new eateries that have opened up in a new plaza strip at Woodbine Avenue and Highway 7.  I love how the restaurants are each brand new occupants and reflect different cuisines!  I have been to one other Sunset Grill before (many years ago which was in Richmond Hill near Elgin Mills).   Continue reading

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CSR testing

February 16, 2019:

I did the CSR testing today!!  This is actually the very first time that I’ve done any sort of live in-person testing!  Seeing as I did my steno studies online, I also did all of my steno tests in school in that fashion and so I’ve never done any type of live testing ever.  It was a really good experience to be able to do that today. 😀   Continue reading

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Italian Cuisine at Gusto 101

 polipo octopus appetizer

Gusto 101 located at 101 Portland St in Toronto, Canada

February 8, 2019:

I finally made it to this much talked-about restaurant, Gusto 101, for dinner!! 😀  My love booked it for our early V Day meal this year.

Gusto 101 is an Italian restaurant serving Southern Italian classics located on Portland and King Street.  I remember vaguely a long time ago stopping by with some fellow foodies and wanting to dine in but Gusto 101 didn’t have a spot for us as drop-ins. Continue reading

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