Garlic Onion

Located at 10755 Leslie St. in Richmond Hill

My mom and I were in this area of the neighborhood up at Elgin Mills and Leslie and decided to try out this small Chinese HK-style cafe that I’ve noticed residing in the same plaza as the Sunset Grill.

It was a modern and casual style diner (which had free wifi! — Score!).  They had many selections of food that came with a spring roll or soup and a drink.  As always, HK style cafes offer a ton of choices that are characteristically delicious and affordable.  As I was taking pictures of the food, even the server commented that I would have a field day taking pictures of all their 60+ items (haha..).

Spring rolls that were crispy and yummy!

I chose the “Chicken Steak & Dan Dan Noodle” combo.  It’s actually called “dam dam” noodles where the soup base is made from peanuts and a little spicy.  The chicken steak was what I expected — tender, crispy, but a little underflavoured.  The noodle texture was more soft than usual for “dam dam” noodles but the soup base was very good.

Chicken Steak & Dan Dan Noodle. $7.99

My mom ordered the Stew Chicken Noodle Soup which was a clear and hearty soup base with noodles and chicken.  It came steaming hot.

Stew Chicken Noodle Soup. $8.25

There were a lot of customers that strolled into the restaurant shortly after we arrived (as it opens at 11 a.m.).  I realized why they serve spring rolls as an appetizer with their combo sets — it’s because the majority of their customers seems to be Western…and somehow Chinese food has associated itself with spring rolls for Westerners even though authentic Chinese food really has nothing to do with it.  I’m sure a lot of people know this already. :]

Casual and comfortable environment

Ginger Diner is such an affordable HK-style cafe that offers so many variety of food for a great portion and price.  I definitely wouldn’t mind visiting again to try more of their selections!

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2 Responses to Garlic Onion

  1. andy1076 says:

    mmmm interesting, the dan dan noodle that I get here in Vancouver is red red red hot but this one looks very tasty and light 🙂

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