A LA Kitchen

A LA Kitchen at 21 Fairburn Dr Unit #18 in Markham

About a week ago, I visited a restaurant that is located right behind First Markham Place in Markham.  A LA Kitchen looked like a rather recent opening of a new restaurant and I thought that it served Chinese cuisine.  I hopped in one afternoon and was surprised to see that they actually serve Shanghainese cuisine instead.  They host a big selection of Shanghainese dishes and some dim sum too.  

There were dim sum steam baskets on the ceiling. Neat decor!

We only ordered two items:  A bowl of noodles plus an appetizer.

Drunken Chicken. $5.99

I’ve had “drunken chicken” before at previous Shanghainese restaurants and really enjoyed how the cold dish would have pieces of chicken dunked and flavoured in wine.  I didn’t particularly like this dish — the pieces of chicken were too hard and rough.  I did like the flavouring of the wine though.  It was strong enough but it also didn’t infuse into the pieces of the chicken enough. :/

Noodles with Shredded Eel. $10.99

The noodles in the Noodles with Shredded Eel were very smooth and very well made.  The eel pieces were all right.  Not terrible but not entirely memorable either.  However, I think $11 for this was a tad pricey. 

The noodles — pretty well made

The plate of eel pieces and bean sprouts that accompanied the dish

When combining the noodles with the eel and sauce into my little bowl

Would I return to this restaurant?  Probably not.  Even though I only ordered two items and that probably isn’t enough to rate the overall quality of this restaurant, there are other restaurants right next door and in First Markham Place that I don’t need to venture here to try this place out again.  Too many restaurants; too little time! 😛

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