Ka Chi Korean Restaurant

The selection of bland-tasting side dishes at Ka Chi (8 St. Andrew street location)

I had fairly high expectations for Ka Chi seeing as there are three locations in the downtown Toronto area.  My friend pointed this Korean restaurant out to me the other day when we were dining at Southern Accent that there was a Ka Chi restaurant located right on the corner of Bloor and Markham Street.

I ate at the Kensington Market (Spadina & St. Andrew St.) location with Mandy on a Thursday evening.  We were at first overwhelmed by the grand selection of tofu soups and noodles and pork bone soup in their menu.  The owners were very nice and welcoming since there weren’t many guests at 4:30 p.m.

I ended up choosing the Korean Style Noodle Soup with Bulgogi and Mandy chose a long-time favourite of hers, Spicy Stir Fried Kimchi with Pork and Rice.

The Korean side dishes arrived and there were 2 varieties that I’d never seen before: a plain tofu dish with red sauce on it and cold glass noodles.  The rest were your common kimchi, beansprouts, seaweed, and potatoes.  None of them were particularly tempting except for the glass noodles; all the other side dishes tasted bland.

Korean Style Noodle Soup with Bulgogi. $7.50
Look at how little noodle there is! SO disappointed.

I was also quite disappointed with my bowl of bulgogi noodles.  The bowl came steaming hot; that was a good thing, but it was also SO steaming that I nearly burned my tongue when I tried to take my first bite.  The noodles turned out to be very chewy and delicious.  However, there weren’t enough of it and I finished the bowl rather quickly.  Also disappointing was the bulgogi beef itself.  I literally counted only ONE medium piece and 2 smaller ‘pieces’.  What kind of a beef noodle dish is that?  😦 The rest of the bowl was full of mushy vegetables cut in half that I also didn’t appreciate.  So very disappointed.

On the other hand, Mandy was super pleased with her stir fried kimchi pork with rice.  I tried a morsel of her dish and liked it: warm kimchi stir fried with the pork was not something I was used to and possessed an appealing combination.  I’m glad that she got to rekindle her love with an old favourite.

Spicy Stir Fried Kimchi with Pork and Rice. $7.95
Technically, they cheaped out on the kimchi and pork too. Look at the tiny portion compared to the overflow of rice on the right side!

On that note, if I ever were to visit Ka Chi again, I’d definitely order something else.  We were in a time crunch this time so we also were unable to order an appetizer to try.  Trying another dish might have improved the odds of this restaurant’s appeal to me..  For now, let me know what your thoughts of your experience at Ka Chi were. :]

Ka Chi on Urbanspoon

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