Forget About It Supper Club — Italian Restaurant

Forget About It Supper Club on 325 King Street West in Toronto

Forget About It Supper Club is a restaurant on King Street West that boasts authentic Italian food.  My friends and I came in here looking for a place to have dinner after our workout at Flirty Girl Fitness.  While this restaurant is probably not one that you would noticed while walking on King Street — as its sign is very small and doesn’t look very inviting — their big poster on the sidewalk did attract my attention immediately:  They had a prix fixe menu!!!!  For those of you who know me well, you know that this is pretty much a line, hook, and sinker kind of deal.

I cannot tell you how many times I will go to a restaurant just because they have a prix fixe menu.  There’s just something about getting to choose from a list of pre-selected food items and getting appetizer and dessert with it that seals the deal for me.  Anyway, I think my friends were pretty embarrassed when they heard me squealing, “PRIX FIXE!!  OMG!  Look!!!” and pointing at the poster menu that they quickly agreed with my decision to go in.


Singapore Sling

Upon walking in, we were a tad crestfallen that the restaurant was so empty.  Aside from us, there was only another table or two of guests.  The space of the restaurant was very big and decorated under dim lighting.  Joyce commented that it was a nice wedding venue.  I was happy about the seating arrangement since we got to sit in a big wide-circle booth.  It was spacious and comfortable.

Aside from choosing items from the prix fixe menu, I was feeling like a glutton (and also pretty hungry) so I also picked an extra appetizer from their regular menu.  Holly picked a really yummy cocktail, a Singapore Sling, that I really liked.  It was the perfect blend of juice and alcohol.  This is a drink I’ll keep in my memory for the future so that I can order it again.

Joyce also took the YOLO route and ordered the Prosciutto with Melon appetizer.  It was yummy.  I liked how thin the slices of prosciutto were.  It was a sign that these were high-quality cured meats… or at least I think they were!

Proscuitto with Melon. $9

Very blurry close-up of the proscuitto and melon

My appetizer was just Calamari breaded and served with a creamy garlic sauce.  I liked it.  I was in the mood for calamari and this hit the spot perfectly.  I adored the creamy sauce. 🙂

Calamari — breaded and served with a creamy garlic sauce. $9

They also started us off on some pizza bread.  This was pretty good and different from your usual bread and butter baskets.

Pizza bread to start off

And now, on to the appetizers of the prix fixe menu!  There were only two choices to choose from:  the chef’s daily soup (pumpkin) or an organic green salad.  Joyce and I went the way of the pumpkin while Holly opted for the greens.

Organic Green Salad
organic greens, watercress & roasted beets in a maple balsamic dressing, sprinkled with toasted walnuts

I liked the soup.  It was a good consistency; not too thick and not too watery.  I was hungry so I gobbled it up pretty quickly to make room for more of the calamari.

Chef’s Daily Soup — pumpkin

Holly and I both picked the Stuffed Chicken for our entrées while Joyce chose the Fresh Salmon.

Fresh Salmon
fennel seed & orange crusted filet of salmon with their home-made tomato relish served with parsnip purée & vegetables

Stuffed Chicken
chicken breast stuffed with roasted red pepper, spinach & goat cheese, drizzled with pan jus served on a bed of pearl barley & green pea risotto

I found the green pea risotto to be the most interesting and unique taste of the dish.  I always like to order risotto when it is offered at a restaurant since it is always made differently and never the same.  It was definitely true at this restaurant.  The green peas that were infused into the risotto were crunchy and yummy.  The risotto was covered with pan jus and some parmesan cheese.  It was like little balls that moved around your mouth as you chewed it.  Lol, because of this, it took me a lot longer to finish all of the risotto because I found it hard to chew down everything quickly.  Sometimes, when this happens, I like to think how cool it would be if humans had evolved to have a second set of teeth.  That way, chewing food would be so much easier and faster!  And we’d also get to get so much more!! !  *insert crazy glutton look*.  I wasn’t crazy about the stuffed chicken though.  The roasted red peppers, spinach, and goat cheese that were stuffed inside were yummy, but the chicken was a little bland and dry.


Lastly, it was time for dessert.  All three of us ladies picked the Tiramisu as we weren’t very fond of Crème Caramel as the other choice.  Sadly, this was probably the most unauthentic-tasting tiramisu I’ve ever had.  The slice tasted more like a regular cake than real tiramisu.  I didn’t taste any coffee, mascarpone cheese, or strong cocoa flavours.  Such a disappointment since this was advertised as an authentic Italian restaurant but yet they couldn’t re-create a signature Italian dessert.  However, I did enjoy the dollop of whipped cream that was on the side; very tasty.

All in all, the night was really fun since we were able to chat in a relaxed environment and indulge in yummy food.  I would say the food overall was good in some areas and not so good in others.  I’m not sure if I would return again to this restaurant or just FORGET ABOUT IT.  (Who names their restaurant this anyway?)

Comfortable seats! A wonderful night of eating and catching up.

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  4. Rex says:

    Who names their resto “Forget About It?” Italians! It’s a common phrase to the culture, usually mumbled like “fuggeddaboutit”. Watch just about any movie involving Italian families or even the mob, and you’ll get the reference.

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