I’m a weight loss coach now!

Just the GenYTO group version.
Congratulations to all of us!  We passed! ^_^

This past weekend, I attended an amazing training session on how to become a weight loss coach.  After a lot of valuable information, facts, real-life stories, testimonials, hilarious jokes from our two trainers, and learning with two dear friends of mine, I can now help people to lose fat and lead a healthy lifestyle!  I’m so excited to start making a difference in my own life so that I can inspire others to live a clean, fat-less life too.  Notice that I said to lose fat and not to lose weight!   There’s a big difference.  All of us can aspire to lose any extra body fat on us no matter if you’re an average size, skinny, or overweight.  Overall, good health is the key to living happily and fully!

Next Next next week, I’ll be partaking in something fun and challenging for myself on the way to live a healthier life.  After so many food adventures, it’s so important to maintain optimal digestive, liver, and colon health!  Stay tuned!


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