Bashu Sichuan Cuisine (or Ba Shu Ren Jia)

Located at 4771 Steeles Ave E in Scarborough

Ah, Sichuan cuisine.  Ever since I recently rekindled my love with this southwestern Chinese cuisine at Shannxi Restaurant, I’ve been eyeing various restaurants to eat Sichuan food at.  Carol and I considered various restaurants online before deciding on Bashu Sichuan Cuisine (previously named Ba Shu Ren Jia but then was probably renamed due to the English name being easier to pronounce and recall).  In any case, this restaurant was located very close to the make-up party that was hosted by the wonderful Motives make-up consultants in the afternoon.  It was a great pick since it was so convenient to get to!  Read Carol’s post about the event here. : )

The group of us ended up choosing various dishes to share at the restaurant:

 My favourite dish of the night!  Gong Bao (or Kung Pao) chicken! This is a definite classic and famous Sichuan dish.  The chicken morsels are stir-fried with peanuts, peppers, and vegetables making the whole dish an explosion of spicy and tasty goodness.  I loved how they stir-fried the chicken here; each piece was so smooth and seasoned.  I’ve had this dish before in other restaurants and I think this was the best version I’ve ever had!

Gong Bao Chicken. $9.99

Stir-fried Pea Tips. $10.99 in the back
Vegetables with Tofu

I liked the taste of the rice and beef when everything was mixed together!

Stir-fried Beef with Rice

Yum!  I liked these spicy deep fried chicken wings!  They were surprisingly not spicy.  The Gong Bao Chicken definitely was more spicy than these wings.  It was a great portion!

Deep Fried Spicy Chicken Wings with Walnuts. $11.99

Fish Fillet with Vegetable. $12.99

Since there were quite a few of us who weren’t big spice lovers, we tried to choose dishes that were not extremely Sichuan in style to accommodate everyone’s tastes.  I think we ended up choosing a fair representation of the dishes to meet everyone’s needs.  However, I would love to return again in the future to try even more dishes!

Ba Shu Ren Jia on Urbanspoon

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11 Responses to Bashu Sichuan Cuisine (or Ba Shu Ren Jia)

  1. andy1076 says:

    I never seen deep fried spicy chicken wings cooked with walnuts before, Interesting! 🙂

  2. wah wah wah!!! I’m drooling!!! I wanna go back 😛 Thanks Karen for capturing the beautiful memories as well as mentioning my post ❤ I look forward to many more dinners together 😀

  3. andy1076 says:

    I’ve never seen walnuts with spicy chicken wings before, interesting! 🙂 looks yum!

  4. Mike Gee says:

    those last two dishes look mouthwatering!

  5. Violet says:

    I might try Sichuan cuisine after reading your review, because I always thought everything was spicy!! Thanks for review. 🙂

    • stenoodie says:

      Thank you for reading, Violet! Nope, you can definitely have non-spicy dishes too. I just ate at another restaurant today that serves Sichuan food too and everything I chose from the menu were non-spicy. 🙂

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