The Best Place to Eat Pho: Vietnam Noodle Star

Vietnam Noodle Star at 4188 Finch Ave East in Scarborough

This Vietnamese pho restaurant has been a long-time favourite of mine and also my family’s.  We’ve been eating at Vietnam Noodle Star for over a decade.  I remember first dining here with my aunt and cousins who took us here when I was 7 or 8 years old.  Back then, the restaurant was just a small shop with probably only 5-6 small tables.  There was always a line-up and a crowd at the doors.  Luckily, they have a fast turnover since their food comes out very soon after you place your order and the service is efficient and fast-paced.  Fast forward several more years now and due to their popularity, high-quality, and excellent-tasting pho, they’ve expanded at least 2 times to take up the units beside them in the plaza strip and now serves over triple the number of guests they used to do.  Without a doubt, this restaurant is my go-to place for delicious pho.  I’ve gone to other restaurants that serve the same rice noodle in soup with beef, but they all never match up to what Vietnam Noodle Star can bring.

On this visit, I had a large bowl of the House Special.  They used to have it available in three sizes: small ($5.99), large ($6.99), and extra large ($7.99).  Most recently, they’ve changed it and it’s actually much more expensive now (a small bowl is now $6.99 and a large bowl is $8.99).  However, what can you do?  If you want a delicious steaming bowl of pho, there is no other choice.  *shakes fist at the owner for changing the prices*

House Special Noodle Soup (large). $8.99

Raw bean sprouts, herb, and lime that you can add to your pho

The large bowl of the House Special was just how I remember their pho to taste like: freshly made and steaming hot soup, soft noodles that had soaked up the beef broth, slices of raw beef (that are usually soft and cook to perfection in the hot soup but were uncharacteristically rough this time), bouncy beef tripe, melt-in-your-mouth beef tendons, and hard beef balls.  There were lots of thinly sliced onion rings and chopped green onions to top it off.  So delicious!  We order this on nearly every visit since it’s such a satisfying dish.

We also ordered an appetizer to share — Thai fish cakes.  Although I’ve been here so many times, their menu selection is large that I still haven’t been able to try every single item on the list.  This fish cake appetizer was a first for me.

Thai Fish Cakes. $5.99

It was pretty good.  It was fried well and the inside of the fish cakes packed a spicy kick to it.  A dip of the sweet and sour sauce on the side neutralized the spice.

Too bad I only started seriously food blogging this year and don’t have pictures of the previous items we have ordered.  Other favourites include:

  • Vietnamese Spring Rolls
  • Vietnamese Vermicelli with Lemon Grass Pork, Vietnamese Ham, and Shrimp on Sugar Cane
  • Vietnamese Shrimp Rolls
  • Thai Style Shrimp Paste Fried Rice
  • Mango Sticky Rice in Coconut Sauce

I’ll post the photos below once I continue to have more feedings from this restaurant.  Check back soon! 😛

Vietnam Noodle Star on Urbanspoon

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12 Responses to The Best Place to Eat Pho: Vietnam Noodle Star

  1. Carmen says:

    This has been my family’s go-to place for pho for all these past years too! ^^ I love this place.

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  3. andy1076 says:

    Thai fish cakes.. I’ve never had them, Looks like I’ll have to look it up in Vancouver! geez, my list keeps growing lol but, the pho looks absolutely delicious 🙂

    I just noticed I didn’t reply to your last question sorry, I’ve yet to set foot in the east coast since I immigrated here in ’84 :S

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