A Quick Dinner at iQ Food Co.

Located at 181 Bay St in Toronto

Before we sat our butts down to watch the nearly 4-hour long Katy Perry concert on a Monday (2 hours opening acts + 2 hours KP), Jenny and I dined at iQ Food Co.  I was searching for something quick to eat that was near the Air Canada Centre and came across this restaurant on urbanspoon.  

iQ Food Co. has three locations in the downtown Toronto area.  It features healthy and wholesome food on the go such as sandwiches, salads, boxed items, smoothies, and more.

The line-up started soon after we got our food

It is a very clean and modern looking restaurant.  We were lucky to go in at around 5:30 when there wasn’t a lot of people.  As soon as 6 p.m. hit, there was a long line-up winding around the spacious restaurant.

We weren’t too sure what to get so we consulted the cashier’s opinion.  Jenny ordered the Mexican one that had beans that was spicy.


The water I got and the box that the food comes in

Spicy Cauli. $9.94 +$1.11 for quinoa
-oven roasted chicken, spicy cauliflower, goat cheese, pickled celery, shredded carrot, romaine apple, watermelon radish, jalapenos, roasted cauliflower root buffalo sauce on quinoa

I ordered the Spicy Cauli that contained oven roasted chicken, spicy cauliflower, goat cheese, pickled celery, shredded carrot, romaine, apple, watermelon radish, jalapeños, and roasted cauliflower root buffalo sauce on quinoa instead of brown rice.   The oven roasted chicken was a little cold and not tender at all.  However, the rest of the ingredients were very impressive.  I loved the spicy chopped up cauliflowers, huge chunks of goat cheese, pickled celery, watermelon radish, and apple.  It was a very crunchy texture all throughout the box with the soft and well cooked quinoa in the bottom of the box.  I really enjoyed this!

-salmon, spicy corn, black beans, grape tomatoes, avocado, aged white cheddar, fresh jalapenos, hot sauce, cilantro, lime wedge, pickled cabbage on quinoa

It was cool when I asked the hostess for water, she handed me a big glass bottle that had the company’s logo on it.  It was so classy!

I definitely really enjoyed the food from iQ Food.  It was simple yet healthy and different from your regular run-of-the-mill food. 🙂 It was very light and even though the box was big, I didn’t feel weighted down after eating it.

iQ Food Co. on Urbanspoon

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5 Responses to A Quick Dinner at iQ Food Co.

  1. andy1076 says:

    I’m finding that these cute boxes are becoming very popular, even the venue I work at is starting to carry them too. Both dishes look absolutely delicious! hope you enjoy the concert! Katy Perry’s coming to Vancouver too 🙂

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