Prix Fixe Lunch at Smash Kitchen & Bar

Located at 4261 Highway 7 East in Markham

A couple of weeks ago, my blogger friend Violet and I went on a lunch date to Smash Kitchen and Bar in Markham!  Upon arriving at the restaurant and being seated at a spacious booth that could have fitted two more, I realised that there was a prix fixe menu being offered!  I immediately became aware that it was being offered as part of the York Region Savour the Seasons event that is happening from July 14 to 27.  I had received the e-mail about the “Summer in the City” event but didn’t think that I’d have time to visit one.  It worked out perfectly that the restaurant that Violet chose was part of the event. Yay 🙂

It was fairly quiet during this weekday in the summer

Mimosas. $8

Our server was very friendly and accommodating throughout our entire stay there.  The food runner was also very pleasant and professional. 🙂

We each ordered a mimosa to cheer off our summer and friendship. 😀  The mimosa came in a tall glass.  It tasted mostly of orange juice, didn’t have a strong alcohol taste, and was a refreshing summer drink.  I did think that it was a tad pricey at $8 though.

We chose different appetizers; I had the caprese salad while Violet had the corn soup.  Wow, I tried a spoonful of her soup and it was mind-blowing how smooth and delicious it tasted.  It was the perfect sweetness and probably one of the best soups I’ve ever tried!

Served with Garlic Toast

Vine Tomatoes, Fior De Latte, Reduced Balsamic, Basil Pesto

My caprese salad was pretty good; I liked the cheese mostly.  I remember the first time I’ve had this salad was at Toula for Summerlicious back in 2011.  I believe the one at Toula tasted better and also looked better too.

I had originally wanted to order the half rack of ribs with the Smashed potatoes but our server kindly informed us that the kitchen ran out and they were substituting that dish with fried chicken instead.  I didn’t want fried chicken or burger or pizza, so I also ordered the tandoori chicken rice bowl that Violet chose.

Cucumber Mint Salsa , Garlic Naan

It was a great-size of rice, garlic naan (although I couldn’t distinguish the garlic part of it very much), and many pieces of large chicken bites covered with the tandoori sauce.  It was soooo good!  It was spicier than I expected since Smash Kitchen is not an authentic Indian restaurant so I was impressed that the spice level actually rivaled itself against true Indian cuisine.  It was spicy to the point that I had to take a bite of rice after the chicken to calm the spice down but not so bad that my tongue was frozen with spice.  It was a great dish!!  No wonder the server recommended it. 🙂


Violet and I also selected the same dessert; the Baileys chocolate mousse.  It arrived in a martini glass and the chocolate mousse was supremely chocolaty and rich.  I liked it!  Within the mousse itself, you could taste tiny bits of chocolate too :).  The biscuit was crunchy and chunky.

All in all, we really enjoyed our meal here and was impressed not only with the food and service but also the decor of the restaurant.  It can fit many tables in its large space despite being tucked into a dark corner of the plaza at Highway 7 and Kennedy.

Have you been here before?  What was your impression of Smash?  Leave your comments below. 🙂

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11 Responses to Prix Fixe Lunch at Smash Kitchen & Bar

  1. andy1076 says:

    Interesting, A friend of mine. Grace Yeung has been here before too and enjoyed it as much as you 🙂 wow that Tandoori though looks so good! especially the Bailey mousse 😉

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