Matsuri Japanese Festival 2014

1 Dundas St E in Toronto

My friends and I took a quick peek at the 2nd annual Toronto Japanese Summer Festival, Matsuri, that was happening downtown on the summery day of July 27.  The weather was really nice with a slight breeze and very, very sunny.  There were a lot of stalls selling Japanese art, cutlery, dolls, and performances on stage too.  Of course, there was also a line-up of food stalls featuring Japanese vendors like Fin Izakaya, Touhenboku, Kingyo, and more.  

More so than just a ‘cultural’ festival, the best part is that it’s all free! No entrance fee for yummy food 😀

Japanese spray painting

The line-ups at the peak hour of 12:30 pm were humongous so we ended up going elsewhere for actual food.  We did pick up a Japanese barley iced tea though that was refreshing for this hot summer day!

Summer festivals!

Overall, I felt like there wasn’t too much to look at other than the food.  The line-up of food vendors was definitely impressive though! 🙂

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