Sea Urchin Shooters & Stone Grilled Beef at Kingyo Izakaya!

My very first sea urchin shooter! ^_^

This past long weekend was an amazing long foodie adventure.  It started off with some raw food, speeding on Segways, and having Mexican brunch.  At night time, a fellow foodie friend and I went to Kingyo Izakaya on a journey to keep the taste buds dancing.

I’ve had my eye on Kingyo Izakaya for a while!  The first time I heard of it was actually from looking at Mike’s beautifully taken pictures of the food and it just so happens that he was free this weekend to go for some Japanese tapas.  I was excited to try it out!

Compared to Guu, Fin, Nomé, and many other izakayas in the city, Kingyo was different in the way that its interior is very classy and chic.  Unlike the loud and boisterous, crowded, and dimly lit izakayas, Kingyo was very roomy and well lit.  Mike told me that one of the reasons he likes Kingya the best is that their presentation of each dish is really well done.  I was really more excited to try it out.

-peach sake jelly, cassis, grapefruit

I ordered a drink; one of their spring specials.  It was a tad fruity and a little alcoholicy at the beginning.  As the night went on and the ice inside the drink melted, it tasted not as good as when it first arrived.

Recently, every time that I step foot into an izakaya, I can’t help but to order a dish of takowasabi!  The presentation points for this place were clearly off the hook.  Look at the little bamboo holder and how cute everything is!  We asked for the octopus to be half raw and half cooked.  I think I liked the raw one better.  It was tasty and perfectly wasabi-spicy!  The server said that she could refill our nori too if we ran out.  I love that little lamp too!

– diced octopus marinated with wasabi stems and sea kelp served with seaweed paper

-shiso, sticky yamaimo, sea kelp, sushi rice, and sea urchin in one. You can eat it or drink it!

While looking at the menu, I couldn’t help but notice that they serve Sea Urchin shooters!  I’ve heard of such things before but never saw the actual dish on a menu.  Although I was a little wary of it, I knew deep down that I wanted to try these.  Boy, am I glad that I did! 😀  It arrived in a tall glass with a little wooden spoon on the side.  Its description on the menu said that you could drink it or eat it.  I decided to slurp it all down in one gulp.  It was SOOO smooth and delicious!  Not only was the fresh sea urchin delicious in itself, but the fresh raw egg helped it go down and enhanced the sea urchin flavour.  I also loved the sushi rice that was in the shot too.  SOO good!!!  I was so impressed with this.


– deep-fried chicken karaage from “O-Sho”, a popular restaurant in Japan. Served with magically mix tasty pepper mix

I had to order a side of karaage.  It came with a special “magic powder”.  The chicken meat itself was smooth and had globs of fat inside, but it was fried well.  The magic powder was merely salt/pepper, but mainly salt.  It reminded me of the salt that is served on the table during a Chinese dinner during the chicken dish.  (I think some of you know what I’m talking about lol).


I also can’t believe that I got to try this!  At first, the menu of “cow tongue” really didn’t appeal to me that much.  I figured it was just normal cow tongue that would be cooked for you already.  Boy was I wrong again and am I SOO glad that Mike picked this tapa!

-served with hot stone on your table with cut lemon, cilantro sauce & yuzu pepper

The stone grill with cow tongue literally arrived on a plate with a stone on the plate.  Lol, a stone!  We figured out that you cook the slices of cow tongue on the stone with the little clamper thing (haha, what do you call those?!).  The slices of cow tongue were sliced SO thin, like paper!  I’ve never seen beef sliced so thiny before.  Each slice was seasoned prettily with what looked like little black dots… yuzu pepper.

So fun!! Do it yourself cooking on a little hot stone!! Cutest cooking thing I’ve ever had!

This was not only mouth-wateringly delicious, but so much fun!  You use the clamp to put a piece of cow tongue on the hot stone, and it would began to sizzle and smoke.  Within seconds (don’t leave it on for more than a minute), your slice of cow tongue is all cooked!  You can adjust how much you want it to be cooked and eat it raw-ish if you like.   I was so impressed with how tasty, juicy, and well-flavoured the morsel was!  I can’t get over it lol.  This was my second favourite dish of the night.

We decided to order a roll and the Snowcrab Pressed Sushi attracted my attention.  It was made with a generous mound of rice, actual snowcrab, with a little dollop of crab paté on the top of each sushi.  It was all right.  It wasn’t amazing, but I’m still glad that I tried it. 😀

– real snowcrab pressed sushi with crab paté

Lastly, we tried the grilled mackerel fish.  It was soft and pretty good.  After tasting two amazing and unique tapas though, the grilled fish wasn’t as appealing.  Also, I was pretty full already at this point.

-marinated & grilled mackerel served Japanese home style with grated daikon radish, shiso, & crispy garlic chips & homemade ponzu sauce

Located at 51B Winchester Street in Toronto

So, to recap, if I were to visit Kingyo, I definitely, definitely, without a doubt, would recommend you to order the Sea Urchin Shooter and the Stone Grilled Beef Tongue.  You can’t not be impressed with this one…!  (Unless you are a really big stickler for non-organy foods… then too bad).  Man, I still can’t believe how amazing that shooter tasted and how fun and yummy the beef tongue was… 😀 😀

I also appreciated how professional, friendly, and attentive our server was.  She even started off the night by giving us a personalized business card with her name on it.  The kitchen timed every dish perfectly so that the table was not crowded with food; you could slowly finish one tapa before the next one arrived.  I loved that!  Fantastic service. 🙂

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11 Responses to Sea Urchin Shooters & Stone Grilled Beef at Kingyo Izakaya!

  1. The title to your post had us raising our eyebrows but after reading and seeing the pictures, you’ve sold us! We would be willing to try them if we ever get to this restaurant 🙂

  2. Jen says:

    You sold me with that picture of Uni shooters!

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