My Wonderful Kitchen

Located at Unit 101, 350 Hwy 7 E in Richmond Hill

This is another restaurant that I’ve been recommended to by friends solely due to social media.  Social media is SO powerful nowadays — all you do is recommend things to friends online on Facebook or instagram and bam!, they want to know more and will actually go out to buy or try something based on what you posted.  Imagine if we could get paid for doing this free “advertising”.  Wouldn’t that be cool?  Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked lol.  I saw a friend post a picture of the food she ate at My Wonderful Kitchen and I couldn’t help but be intrigued by the dish.  It looked like a square loaf of bread but there was sauce on it and it just looked plain delicious.  I put the name of the restaurant into my memory and then when I had time to catch up with my friend Mei, we went to try this restaurant out.

My Wonderful Kitchen waiting area

They have iPads for you to use while waiting!

Tap 4 Deal coupon vending machine!

At first, by looking at the menu, I couldn’t even figure out which dish the bread loaf was so I asked the server and they were able to helpfully point out the name of the dish for me.  This restaurant, by the way, looks like a typical Chinese restaurant with western style dishes and also Chinese dishes.  However, it’s very nicely decorated and looks very modern.  It’s cool too that they have a vending machine that dispenses free coupons for other restaurants/establishments too.  Very cool!

Mei and I shared the “Baked Rice with Chicken Fillet Served in Bread Loaf” and “Braised Snow Pea Sprouts with King Mushrooms”.  It was more than enough for the two of us as the bread loaf dish was very filling!  I absolutely adored the way it was presented and of course took more than one picture to capture it.  You could choose between different sauces for it and Mei chose the gravy sauce.  Man, it was so delicious.  I loved the chicken fillet and how the bread was a little crispy.  The whole thing was drenched in gravy sauce which made it SO delicious.  It’s such a creative dish since the rice is baked inside and you have to use a fork and knife to carve into it.

Baked Rice with Chicken Fillet Served in Bread Loaf with Gravy. $8.95

Braised Snow Pea Sprouts with King Mushrooms. $11.95

Baked Rice with Pork Chop Served in Bread Loaf with Curry Sauce. $8.95

The braised snow pea sprouts were very tender; surprisingly tender for a Chinese restaurant and the king mushrooms were good as well.  We couldn’t finish either dish and packed it home.  Since I loved that bread loaf dish so much, I actually returned for a second visit with my friends Jason and Alejandro.  They hadn’t been to this restaurant before so I just had to recommend the dish to them as well.  This time, instead of chicken, I chose the pork chop and paired it with curry sauce.  Mmm.  It was just as delicious.  I think I liked the chicken fillet more but the curry sauce was superb.  Actually, you can’t go wrong with either sauce.  The other choices are black pepper sauce, tomato sauce, cream sauce, and Portuguese sauce.  Yum!

We also chose two dishes to share:  The fried rice noodle with beef and assorted mushrooms in XO sauce and pork chops!  Yum!  I really liked both. ^_^

Pork Chops with Broccoli

Fried Rice Noodle with Beef and Assorted Mushrooms in XO Sauce. $9.95

Mango Sago

At the end, they provide you with complimentary dessert which is a mango sago in a little cup.  It’s really good too!

I really like this restaurant and how good the food is.  The portions are fair and the prices are moderate.  I’d love to return again and introduce the bread loaf dish to more friends! ^_^  Sharing is caring :3

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  1. rachez says:

    looks delish!

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