Day 2 of September Detox at Zoup! [Defunct]

Located at 1383 16th Ave in Richmond Hill

This is my second time doing the Nutriclean detox and I’m going to have more fun this time around than the first time.  If you don’t know what a detox is, it’s a week where you eat clean in order to allow your body to cleanse out the gunk that’s in your system and to allow your liver and colon to rest up on digesting the usual heavy carbs and red meat.  

In the morning, I had my usual isotonix supplement to allow me to maintain my daily nutrition and an apple and boiled broccoli.  Later that afternoon, I drove over to Zoup! to try out the soup and salad there.

Hello Zoup!

Zoup! is a restaurant that I’ve noticed for a couple of months now when I drive back and forth on 16th in Richmond Hill.  It’s a clear logo that says “Zoup!” with the words “soup, salad, sandwiches” so I know that it is a restaurant that serves these foods.  Since I’m on detox this week, I wanted to come to this restaurant to try out their soups and salads.  And so I did. 😀

I loved it in there! It reminded me of Panera Bread but warmer and less commercial

I walked into the restaurant and was pleased to find that the environment was very cozy and casual.  It was very nicely designed with tons of comfortable booths and tables and chairs.  Upon walking in, the lady at the counter welcomed me warmly and asked me if I had been here before.  I said no.  She warmly introduced me to the soups that they had and telling me that they had a hundred types of soup and rotate the soups each day except for two staple ones which were the lobster bisque and the chicken soup.  The lobster bisque was truly enticing but I wanted something that was vegetarian so that I could stick close to the rules of my detox.  She offered samples for me to try and I really loved the potato cheddar soup.  It was so creamy and the potatoes were in huge chunks with a creamy cheddar base.  I knew I couldn’t have a whole bowl of this, however, since it was too carby for the detox.  I ended up trying the ginger butternut squash and chose that one since it was perfect for what I wanted to have.  It was a little spicy from the ginger and creamy and delicious.  Yum!

Try Two! Combo: Ginger Butternut Squash & Greek salad. $9.25

I looked up at the menu and chose the Greek Salad since it was one of the two vegetarian salads of the list.  The rest of the salads contained grilled chicken or bacon and while I could have asked to have those taken out of the salad, I wanted something that was already vegetarian.

I got the Try Two combo which was a deal to order either a soup and salad, salad and sandwich, or sandwich and soup.  The lady kindly took my order and my name and I sat down in one of the comfy booths.   Shorly, she called me up to receive my food.  It was nicely organized in a tray.  Yay!  I was able to enjoy the free wifi that was in the restaurant too while I enjoyed my soup and salad.

Creamy and a tad spicy Ginger Butternut Squash soup! 🙂

Half of a Greek salad: Romaine, feta, red onions, tomatoes, black olives, pepperoncini & dill. Served with balsamic vinaigrette dressing

I loved the Greek Salad!  It was full of red onions, black olives (yum!), crunchy romaine lettuce, tomatoes, and a thick balsamic dressing which I refrained drizzling too much on to the salad.  I finished it rather quickly along with the soup.  It was so good!  I saved my multigrain bread to take home.

I really enjoyed my experience here at Zoup! and would love to come again.  I was very happy with the service here as well.  The lady who served me was so friendly and easy to talk with. ^_^ (She told me that since it was the first day of the McDonald’s that just opened up next door that it would hopefully bring more people into the restaurant.)  Good service really makes a difference in the ordering experience!

Zoup! on Urbanspoon

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