Kome Shokudo Japanese Comfort Food

Kome Shokudo Japanese Comfort Food menu cover

Kome Shokudo Japanese Comfort Food located at 1383 16th Ave, Unit #2 in Richmond Hill

June 23, 2018:  I’m still a sucker for trying new restaurants although I’ve significantly been eating out less these days (yay).  When driving on 16th Avenue near Leslie, I noticed that a new restaurant had popped up.  Kome Shukudo Japanese Comfort Food replaces the previous Zoup! salad and soup restaurant.

When we walked inside just before 5 p.m., it was definitely quiet since it was too early for dinner and too late for lunch time.  Ken didn’t expect it to be a fast food type of restaurant.  It’s indeed one where you order at the counter and receive your food at your table.

Kome Shokudo Japanese Comfort Food menu and prices

Donburi and ramen menu

Kome Shokudo Japanese Comfort Food menu and prices

Appetizers, desserts, and other items

I noticed that they had kept all of the same tables and design of the previous Zoup! (blogged about previously).  We placed our orders at the counter and then took our seat.  Our orders were delivered straight to our table in a reasonable time.

I got the Chicken Ramen with Pork Belly.  It was decent and the texture of the ramen was to my liking.  The portion of ramen noodles was reasonable too.

Chicken Ramen with Pork Belly

Chicken Ramen with Pork Belly. $9.99
-sea salt flavoured ramen in chicken broth

Ken ordered the vegetarian Tofu Mushroom Don.  I liked that it wasn’t too salty from the soy sauce mixture. (Interesting how their menu says the tofu is deep fried but the one we got wasn’t deep fried at all.)

Tofu Mushroom Don

Tofu Mushroom Don. $8.99
– vegetarian dish. Dashi boiled mushroom served with deep fried tofu and teriyaki sauce

We also got the Squid Karaage and chicken karaage.  The Squid Karaage was nicely fried and I really liked the hint of lemon on it.

Squid Karaage

Squid Karaage. $4.99
-Japanese style fried squid infused with citrus juice

The Chicken Karaage was very juicy and moist inside, something I always appreciate.

Chicken Karaage

Chicken Karaage. $4.99
-Japanese style fried chicken dark meat

It was only before leaving that we realized the kitchen forgot to give us our additional miso soup and salad that we had added $2 to get!  The staff at the counter brought it to us and said a meek “Sorry!”

Miso soup and salad

Miso soup and salad

A lot more customers had filled up the restaurant by the time we left.

Kome Shokudo Japanese Comfort Food interior

Fast food style kind of seating and design

Kome Shokudo Japanese Comfort Food storefront

It’s in the plaza with the McDonald’s and St. Louis Bar & Grill

All in all, it was a decent meal but nothing particularly special to write home about.  We’ll see if it lasts the test of time (and picky foodies).

Saturday, July 21, 2019:

Came back here for a quick meal.  So, so impressed.  Their Gyu Don with Cheese is super delicious!!  It’s their regular Gyu Don but topped with melted mozzarella and cheddar cheese for a creamer taste.  They must have put butter in it too because it’s so smooth and silky!  The best part is the flakey and thin slices of beef! I’m so impressed!
We didn’t try their signature Gyu Dons the last time we were here.
Service is super fast too.  I got my order in less than five minutes after ordering!  They stamp reward cards now too!
Will return.

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