5 Summer Essentials (as requested by Man Crates)

Photo credit to Steph Ho (Camping 2012)

Recently, Man Crates (Gifts for Men) contacted me about doing a post on the 5 things I would put in a crate if I were to hold a summer cookout.  After this summer of many delicious meals, BBQ’s, and quality time spent with family and friends, I am proud to share this post with you all!




1.   Without fail, the first thing you need is an incredible group of friends.  No matter what you do, if the group of friends that you hang out with aren’t fun, aren’t susceptible to silly jokes, or not food lovers, then perhaps you’ll want to choose another group of friends!  The best company is truly an important part to having a fun get-together.  In the crate, I would put a cell phone with a large names list so that I can call all the best people to party with me!


Meat to grill!

2.  Meat!  Without any food that can sizzle on the grill, you’ll starve and be very unhappy during this party.  Food ranges from the juicy meats, hot dogs, burger patties, skewers, and more meat!




Omega 3 fish oil!

3.  Omega 3 fish oil to digest all those heavy meats!  A bottle of these is so necessary when it comes to feeling full and greasy!  If you don’t know which brand of fish oil is best, put one of these into the freezer and if it doesn’t freeze, it means that your fish oil is top quality!  You’ll want these to break down the fat in your stomach!   Personally, I use Heart Health Essential Omega 3 with Vitamin E. 🙂  You’ll also see me carrying these around with me whenever I go out to eat at a restaurant!


Digestive Enzymes!

4.  Digestive enzymes!  Whenever I go out to an all-you-can-eat restaurant and overindulge in food, a packet of these on the go is absolutely crucial to me to avoid feeling that itis feeling and wanting to sleep.  These digestive enzymes help your stomach to digest the heavy food that’s in your stomach.






5.  Last but not least, we want some sweets!  For me at a summer cookout, this would be having s’mores!  Mmm!  Having a campfire and roasting away marshmallows and squeezing one of these between two graham crackers is the perfect sweet ending to a summer cookout.



What about you?  What would be in your list of the 5 top summer cookout essentials?   Thank you again to Man Crates for inviting me to write this post!  This was fun! 🙂

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I'm a stenographer, foodie, avid traveller, and new mom who loves to share her experiences with the world.
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    Ah of course, Isotonix 🙂

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