Hero Certified Burgers in Vaughan (across from Wonderland)

Located at 9781 Jane St in Vaughan

After we rode on the Leviathan for the first time (for most of us), it was time for lunch.  I have really smart friends, so instead of dining in at the restaurants and fast food joints inside the theme park, we walked 5 minutes to cross the parking lot and street in order to eat at the local places instead (so much cheaper!).  

We went to Hero Certified Burgers!  The first time I had Hero Burger was about a year ago when we first moved into the condo.  I enjoyed it back then and remember loving the fries.  It’s always a quick meal at these places and after placing the order, it wasn’t long until my number was called.

Look at all that huge Hero Burger logo plastered over everything 
I love the little Heinz ketchup container that allows you to dip or pour out ketchup

Hero Burger 4oz. $5.59

I ordered the 4 oz Hero Burger with cheese combo with fries (you can choose onion rings or salad too).  The Hero Burger was good!  The meat patty is moist and juicy.  I remember it tasting better the first time I’ve had it.  The fries were also not as crisp as I would have liked.

After we finished our greasy meal, we popped in an Omega-3 fish oil to help break down the fat before we headed for another ride on the Leviathan. 🙂

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