Beef Noodle Restaurant

Located at 4271 Sheppard Ave E. in Toronto

After standup paddle boarding in the morning with Smiley Sarah and a comprehensive business training session in which I had a small part in (hehe), Mabel, Sarah, and I went for dinner at a beef noodle place that Mabel frequents.  Beef Noodle Restaurant doesn’t look like a great restaurant from the outside but you can say that it’s a gem.  It resides on Sheppard Ave E near Midland.  

It was a definite shock to me then when I found out that they had free wifi here!  I would have never suspected this Chinese restaurant of all places to have wifi. (Yay)

Since Mabel recommended the beef noodle soup here, we each got a bowl.  We also ordered appetizers to share.

Pig’s ears and cucumbers

Xiao Long Bao — pork dumplings!

We ordered ‘pig ears’ with cucumbers that were very crunchy and traditional Shanghainese dumplings — xiao long baos.  The pig ears were soft and abundant and the cucumber were so crunchy!   The dumplings were just okay.

Stew Beef with Noodles in Brown Sauce. $7.95

The bowl of beer noodles indeed lived up to the hype.  The noodles were thick and chewy and the beef were tender and tasty.  The only bad part was that my stomach wasn’t big enough to fit everything in and I left with a lot of the noodles left in my bowl. 😦  I don’t like wasting food, but I just couldn’t finish everything.

If you’re in this area of town, do pop in for a visit.  You’ll be seated in a no frills Chinese restaurant with good food that is affordable!  🙂

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