Moxie’s Grill & Bar (Fairview Mall location)

Located at 1800 Sheppard Ave E in North York

I haven’t dined at a Moxie’s in a while so when Justin suggested it to catch up over dinner here, I was all for it.  I took a look at the online menu before I left my house (when you think about this, 20 years ago people weren’t even able to do this! — It really shows you how technology has moved on and integrated itself into our daily lives so smoothly) and I already picked out what I wanted to eat.  

The Moxie’s at Fairview (as it’s a chain restaurant and have several locations) is so nicely decorated inside.  For a Tuesday night out, the place was packed and filled with lively chatter).

-with popcorn shrimp, crispy jalapenos, candied ginger, sriracha aioli & sweet chili sauce

I was happy with my selection and pleased with how the food tasted and looked.  I ordered the calamari which came with ‘popcorn shrimp’ and deep fried jalapeno.  The popcorn shrimp was simply lightly deep fried shrimp.  The calamari was bigger than I expected and I liked the two sauces that came on the side.  I liked the light spicy sweet and sour chili sauce more than the creamy sriracha aioli.

Justin ordered a beautiful-looking lobster and shrimp linguine pasta.  That lobster tail looked so amazing and fresh.  It was beautiful!

Lobster & Prawn Linguine
-baby lobster tail & jumbo prawns in a rustic tomato sauce

The word ‘vindaloo’ stood out to me when I was pursuing the menu as I remember having beef vindaloo at Smash Kitchen and Bar and remember really liking it.  I was in the mood for some rice and beef as well so this was the perfect dish to order.

Beef Vindaloo
-rich & spicy with shredded sweet coconut over jasmine rice drizzled with yogurt + curry-buttered naan bread

It came beautifully presented as well and had two pieces of naan on the side.  These were yummy!  The beef was covered with sauce and white sauce.  The beef vindaloo was such a hearty and filling dish.  I ate too much but I thoroughly enjoyed the meal.

Yay for good food now in chain restaurants too! 🙂

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