Tsui Wah Restaurant (Hong Kong)

Located at No. 50, Level 3, Shatin Plaza, Shatin in Hong Kong

Tsui Wah Restaurant is located right next to Tai Hing.  They are both HK-style restaurants where you can order breakfast sets, lunch sets, afternoon tea, dinner, and more (do I still refer to these cafes as ‘HK-style’ if they are actually located in HK? Lol — rhetorical question).  

We had to wait a couple of minutes before being seated

On this visit, I wasn’t feeling 100% and had a throbbing headache (something I rarely get).  I really wanted some carbs in the form of rice so I ordered their only rice dish that appealed to me during this lunchtime, the Hainanese Chicken Rice Set.

Hainanese Chicken Rice Set. HKD $61
-bones removed

I’ve had this kind of chicken and rice before and this one was average.  The rice could have been more rich in flavour.  The chicken was all right.

We ordered two sets of veggies.  To my surprise, these veggies were so fine and baby-young that they were delicious.  They weren’t hard like the bigger stalks of veggies.

Veggie with oyster sauce



Veggie with oyster sauce



Fish Combination with Vermicelli in Fish Soup. HKD $35

They have a ton of branches all over HK

They sell a lot of pineapple buns and other Chinese buns in the front of the restaurant.  If I were to judge solely on the quality and food that I had here and next door Tai Hing, I prefer Tai Hing’s better.  Any Hong Kongers reading this?  What is your opinion? 🙂

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I'm a stenographer, foodie, avid traveller, and new mom who loves to share her experiences with the world.
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5 Responses to Tsui Wah Restaurant (Hong Kong)

  1. andy1076 says:

    The way that the Hainan chicken is displayed is really cute, It’s a shame that it wasn’t that flavorful since that dish has so much potential to taste good 🙂

  2. Stephen says:

    Have you tried the milk tea there? I heard that their champagne milk tea is really good!!

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