Afternoon Tea at Tai Hing

Located in Sha Tin in Hong Kong

Talk about a ‘real’ HK style cafe!  We went to one today!  In Hong Kong!  You can’t beat even the best ones outside of Asia with an actual one in HK!  Hehe 🙂

Tai Hing is a modern ‘cha chan teng’ that is clean and designed modernly residing in the inside of the Sha Tin Plaza with brightly lit lights as its sign out front.

We ordered three tea sets for afternoon tea (so good!).  I wasn’t feeling particularly hungry — due to jet lag probably — so I ordered the Borsch macaroni with Japanese meat roll.  The Borsch soup was good with hearty and homey macaroni.  The ‘Japanese meat rolls’ were fish cake with imitation crab meat and veggies made together in a roll with a crispy outer layer.  It was a fun presentation.

Borsch macaroni with Japanese meat roll

Japanese meat roll

My mom and aunt ordered soup noodles, spare rib and beef.  The noodles were very, very fine and soft yet tender.  Sooo good!  Something about HK food that is certain to please.. 🙂

Beef noodles. HKD $38

Spare ribs noodles. HKD $48

The sets came with a drink of course.  My aunt recommended the milk tea which turned out to be an amazing presentation!  This ‘chilled milk tea’ was served in an ordinary plastic cup but the entire thing was served in a bowl of ice!!!  (See picture above.)  It was such a smart and creative way to keep the milk tea cold and refreshing without having ice in the drink to dilute the drink.  So cool! (Pun intended :p).

Mandarin orange with honey

Because I’m not a huge milk tea fan (it keeps me awake at night), I ordered the Mandarin orange with honey.  It was great to soothe my throat! 🙂

Tai Hing is a place to visit if you want to try their affordable food sets and milk tea! 🙂  They have branches all over Hong Kong and China!

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3 Responses to Afternoon Tea at Tai Hing

  1. andy1076 says:

    My eyes were fixed on the japanese meat roll, wow that is done so perfectly 🙂

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