Hung Kee Seafood Restaurant 洪記海鮮酒家 (Hong Kong)

Located at Shop 6 & 9-10, Siu Yat Bldg, 9 Sai Kung Hoi Pong Sq, Sai Kung District in Hong Kong

Sai Kung.  A place to enjoy the nice boardwalk at the harbour and a fabulous seafood meal.  A visit to HK is never complete without a stop in Sai Kung for its famous seaside seafood made fresh in one of the boardwalk restaurants.  

My family knows which restaurant to choose and what seafood to order.  Very quickly, my aunts chose how much and what kind to order at Hung Kee Seafood Restaurant.

Hung Kee Seafood Restaurant, just one of the many seafood restaurants on the boardwalk

Live sea creatures for you to choose and have the kitchen cook immediately — fresh seafood!

Sour appetizers to get your appetite going & condiments for the seafood

Mantis Shrimp

The star of the meal are the forever the mantis shrimp as you can’t get them anywhere as big and as affordable as here in Sai Kung.  We chose the zebra type ones this time and I found the soft skin to aid in the eating process — didn’t take as much work as the hard shell types but it wasn’t perfectly tasty.  I remember having better mantis shrimp in our previous visits where the cut was huge too!

The shell of a mantis shrimp actually looks like a beetle of some kind

Another must-eat for us in Sai Kung are the razor clams.   They are always delicious, smooth, and fresh!  They’re like bouncy rubber bands.

Razor Clams

We also had Alaskan crab (again) and for this type of serving, you could really taste the freshness of the crab.

Stir-fried Alaskan Crab

The clams were tasty.  The squid was so-so.  The fried oysters were okay (Victoria Harbour had better ones).

Clams (bad picture as most of the clams in this angle shows that the meat has fallen out)

Better photo of the clams in my bowl. Yum! So saucy

Fried Squid

Fried Oysters

We also had veggies (no photo) and fried rice in the crab shell and e-fu noodle.  The noodles were so thin and soooo good!  Impressed! 🙂

Stir-fried rice in the Alaskan crab shell & E-fu noodles

We were full and even had leftovers.  Ten mantis shrimp for nine people is a bit too much.  :’)  I’m grateful that my family loves seafood so much that we often go back to Sai Kung for such delicacies!  🙂

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