Xscaper Arts — escape room game [Defunct]

Located at 150 Main Street, Side Entrance in Unionville

Room escape games! ❤  Yesterday, I had the privilege of playing at Xscaper Arts yesterday with some friends.  Xscaper Arts opened up in June of this year and is a live escape room game.  These have been super popular ever since ESC-IT first launched in Toronto earlier this year and since then, multitudes of copycat and related escape room games have been born.  

Xscaper Arts is located in the underground space of a church-looking building in beautiful Main Street, Markham.  There is enough parking for cars in the back of the church and the space inside Xscaper Arts is fitted with mummy statues and a wall of polaroids of all the players.  Depending on if you succeeded to escape the room in the alloted 60 minutes or not, you get to appear on the left wall or the right — the wall of shame.

They have a lot of their stuff translated into Simplified Chinese in there

Yay! We made it!

Our group of 5 was booked for the timeslot of 1:30 p.m. for the ‘Inception’ room.  There were lockers to place our belongings and coat racks to hang our stuff.  After we signed a form and paid $28.25, we were given a run-down of the game rules and the backstory of the room.

We then were split up into two groups, blindfolded, and led into the room.

I won’t and can’t tell you the gist of the room as this would ruin your experience but I can tell you how amazingly fun, clever, and creative the Inception room was!  It used a lot of high tech tools in the room to make solving all the puzzles and clues a sheer joy.  This was definitely different from ESC-IT or Great Escape.

Our achievement made us go on the successful wall!

We made it out of the room in 54 minutes.  Yay!  I can’t express to you how happy and fulfilling it felt to find the room key as a group and open that door to get out.  What an achievement!  I had so much fun!  One of the staff there commended us on our escape, saying that 54 minutes was a faster than average time.  Yayy!

This is the “wall of shame” where you can pay to try again if you didn’t manage to escape from your room

We all decided that we definitely plan to return again to play the other rooms that they have (‘Entrapment’ and ‘Lab’ at the time of writing).  I love their use of high tech gadgets to play the room!  🙂

Have you tried this escape room place yet?  If not, I highly recommend it!  What are some other escape room places that you would recommend?


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9 Responses to Xscaper Arts — escape room game [Defunct]

  1. CJ NOMS says:

    Try out Escape Games!! One of the best facilities I’ve ever been to 🙂 You feel extremely immersed in the theme and the value you get is WAY better than any other place I’ve been to. Try the Bleak Prison, End of the Line or Diamond Heist 🙂

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  5. LoveScary says:

    “you’re going to die in there” ahahha love it. horror real escape games are the best. did you try Escape the Room in NY – it’s one of New York’s top attractions.

    • stenoodie says:

      Haha thank you! Glad you like the injected humour ;). No, I have only played escape rooms in Toronto so far. Ah, how I would love to play other escape room games outside of Canada to try! ^_^

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