Hairy Crabs at Victoria Harbour Restaurant (Hong Kong)

Located at Tai Po in Hong Kong

Guess where we went for dinner on our first night in HK?  We went to Victoria Harbour Restaurant to have hairy crabs! (I know, it sounds nasty but that’s what these crabs are called!).  I have fond memories of this restaurant in Tai Po because the last time we were here more than a year ago, we had those succulent and tasty long Alaskan crab legs!!  They were so delicious — see here for the post.  

This time, our focus was on hairy crabs since they were on promotion for $68 per 5 catty.  We ordered four for us 5 since my aunt didn’t want any.

These look like works of art — too colourful to be eaten!

Hello hairy crab!

These hairy crabs were small and delicate-looking.  So colourful.  I found out why they’re called hairy crabs — their front claws are soooo hairy!!!

They were steamed and came with a side of vinegar.  I found eating it on its own tasted great already.  The gooey ‘egg’s part was very fresh and tasty (albeit high in cholesterol — good thing I have omega three fish oil to break down those fats!).  The meat in its tiny body and legs were minuscule and hard to eat.

The hairy crabs were our main entree of the night.  We also ordered delicious plate of fried oysters, a hefty vegetable pot, and a steamed egg white dish that had vegetables on it.

Steamed egg white with veggies and beans

Veggie pot!

Fried Oysters

Holy moly, the fried oysters were the best I’ve ever had.  They were soooo soft and fried to a perfect soft crisp.  I’ve had tons of fried oyster before in Toronto (Japanese and Chinese types) and none were as good as these ones.  Love!!

Hehe, this restaurant is solid.  I know for sure we’re going to come back again before our trip is over. 🙂

Seafood is ❤

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5 Responses to Hairy Crabs at Victoria Harbour Restaurant (Hong Kong)

  1. andy1076 says:

    It’s been so long since i had hairy crabs, I always eat everything including inside the shell too. But wow the egg white dish? so my favorite 🙂

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