Chao Inn (Hong Kong)

Located at Shop L5-1 Level 5, apm, Millennium City 5, 418 Kwun Tong Road in Hong Kong

The Chao Inn restaurant in Hong Kong belongs to a big food group called Tao Heung Group.  It also houses restaurants like Hak Ka Hut and Tao Heung.  Chao Inn is a Chinese/Chaozhou restaurant that is very affordable and serves moderately good Chinese food.  When walking into the Chao Inn at apm shopping mall, you could tell that the majority of the customers are families with young kids or seniors.  It’s a good deal for some decent Chinese dinner sets.

See, what did I say about the abundant number of kids? lol

Our sprawl of food halfway into the meal

We ordered a fair amount of food for the seven of us.  More time was spent catching up with our friends than actually spending time to taste and enjoy the food so you will also see that there are a limited number of foodie pictures here during this night.

The lobster with e-fu noodles were a little oily but good and the lobster meat was large in size.  Yay!

Lobster with E-fu Noodles

Another dish that stood out from the rest was the deep fried prawns that were encased in pecans.  These were crunchy and a little dry.

Deep Fried Prawns with Pecans

If I were to choose, I would have wanted to go to the other restaurants that are more unique in the mall.  But alas, sometimes you just have to cooperate and go with what’s preferred with the rest of the dinner party.  : ]

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9 Responses to Chao Inn (Hong Kong)

  1. Darn! I’m starting to “jones” for some Kung Pao shrimp now, thanks. 😉

  2. andy1076 says:

    I so love the way the lobster is displayed, with the tail intact to bite on! which is something I very much like, Never seen the prawns made like this though! definitely makes it very fun for all those kids 🙂

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