Day 6 Breakfast of West Caribbean Cruise 2015

Fancy breakfast at the Gold Pearl

I’m really milking these cruise blog posts by also blogging about the breakfast that I had at the Gold Pearl Restaurant on Carnival Splendor.  We — or I should say “I” — only had one opportunity to eat here for breakfast in the morning out of all the days as we usually went straight to the buffet area for food because it was faster and we wanted to eat together as a team — especially at what we liked to call “9 and a half”.  On this morning, we had some time to spare before we headed off to our final docking destination and excursion!  I was so excited for the stingrays and turtle farm on Cayman Island! ^_^

Breakfast at Gold Pearl was all-you-can-eat as well.  The breakfast menu was significant.

Smoked Salmon with Cream Cheese and Toasted Bagel

I chose my favourite — smoked salmon and also eggs benny with pork link sausages.  The smoked salmon arrived first, but not before the server came around with a basket of bread which included croissants!  I love croissants!!  They’re so delicious and often overlooked as a delicious pastry treat due to its relatively high fat content.  I downed this one pretty quickly.


The smoked salmon came with a toasted bagel, sour cream, capers, tomato and onion, and a lemon.  Yum!  I absolutely love smoked salmon by itself and this was one very good.  I slaughtered it on the toasted bagel and went to town with it.  It was delicious.  ❤ capers.

Eggs Benedict + Pork Link Sausages
-poached eggs on toasted English muffins with smoked ham and hollandaise sauce

The eggs benedict didn’t look that great presentation-wise, but it turned out to be so delicious too!  I was impressed with the smoothness of the egg and the hollandaise sauce as well.  It was a big portion for me though and I didn’t end up finishing both egg bennies.  Oops.

The pork link sausages were okay.  They weren’t as seasoned and flavourful as I wanted them to be.

What Eric got! He also ordered waffles and an omelette. Yum!

Even though we were able to enjoy breakfast here at the Gold Pearl on this morning, I would have loved to have even more time to indulge in the meal as we were quite rushed to get off the ship to our excursion.  Nevertheless, I love breakfast food and can never get enough of smoked salmon, eggs, and sausages! ❤

Oh, and we didn’t appreciate how slow the server was as well.  It took him forever to take our orders and also for the food to be served on to our table.  We were in a rush and waited almost 20 minutes for the food to arrive.  We all glared at him when he brought the food over on trays and tried to serve each dish one by one.  When the glaring got too intense, that’s when he picked it up by taking more than one plate in his hands.  This is another reason why we chose to get our breakfast in the buffet line in the mornings.

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4 Responses to Day 6 Breakfast of West Caribbean Cruise 2015

  1. Ahh…I love me some pork link sausages but, I just can’t fathom sinking my teeth into a salmon trying to stare me down with a smile. That’s kind of creepy. Despite lack of presentation skills, I’m glad it at least tasted good. That’s half the battle, right?

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