Chinese Steamed Rice Lunches at Lucullus Bakery

Lucullus Bakery located at 7750 Kennedy Road in Markham

We had less than an hour’s time for lunch when we were learning about make-up from world-reknown make-up consulant and beauty advisor Tiffiny Luong two weekends ago, so we popped into Lucullus Bakery for some lunch!  Don’t be mistaken, even though this is primarily a bakery, Lucullus actually has some really decent and super affordable lunches for dine-in or on-the-go!  

(We actually came here for the same lunch in July when we were also learning Motives but from Carlos Marrero.  I didn’t blog about this place at that time that we were here because I felt like I wanted to try out their buns and more of their food before I blogged about it, but this time, I really want to highlight their steamed rice lunches because they are just so good!)

This bakery is not big so don’t expect a lot of tables for dine-in, but we actually managed okay considering we had 10-15 people in there!

So, aside from the Chinese buns, egg tarts, cakes, pastries, egg rolls, and all of the typical baked goods that you see in a Chinese bakery, when you ask about their steamed rice lunches at the counter, the lady will tell you that they have several choices that comes with the lunch combos:  spare ribs, curry chicken, chicken with mushroom, and meat patties.  The very first time that we were here, they only had spareribs and chicken with mushroom.  I remember sharing my spare ribs set with Eric’s chicken and mushroom set so that we could both enjoy the two selections.  The chicken was steamed perfectly; so moist; and the spare ribs were also tender and fell off the bone easily.  I absolutely loved the home-cooked feel of the rice and the meat.  It was so good and so satisfying!  The meal also came with a hot drink of your choice.  As always, I chose my hot lemon tea.

The first time we came here, we got our rice lunches on colourful trays!

The spare ribs and chicken with mushroom rice sets from last time

Chicken and Mushroom with Steamed Rice. $5.95

On this visit, I chose the chicken with mushroom again.  Since there were a lot of us on this visit, some of us actually had to wait 15-20 minutes for the next batch.  When it came out though, it was steaming hot and fresh and tasted just as good as the first time that I had it.  Man, this is like a hidden gem!  Who knew that a bakery would serve such amazing rice dishes?  It’s such a simple dish but for some reason, the way that the meat is slightly seasoned and the rice is steamed to perfection really resonated with me.  (You also don’t even need to add soy sauce to it and it already tastes so good.  Also, since it is steamed, it is healthy for you too!)

Black Bean and Spare Ribs with Steamed Rice. $5.95

See how they have upgraded to cute little wooden platters this time. So nice!

It is a little difficult to find parking though in this small plaza where Fancy Chinese Restaurant and Golden Shanghai also are, but once you do, this little lunch place is worth it!  Or you can also purchase take-out with some buns. 🙂

Have you been to this plaza before?  What do you like BEST about the restaurants that are in this plaza? 😀

Lucullus Bakery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. andy1076 says:

    oh wow certainly not what you typically expect in a bakery 🙂 yummers!

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