Breakfast and Lunch Combos at Goldsor Restaurant Cafe

Goldsor Restaurant located at 550 Highway 7 East Unit 68-69 in Richmond Hill

Wow, there are so many Hong Kong style cafes all over the GTA that I didn’t even know that this one existed!  This one is called Goldsor Restaurant and is located at Times Square in Richmond Hill where Ruelo, King’s Dragon Cuisine, Deer Garden, among many other restaurants are.  

We came here for an early breakfast at 10 a.m. before we left on our weekend getaway trip to Haliburton.  This was a MC & Prep Retreat.  Very exclusive! 😉  It was nice to dine together for a quick breakfast at this Hong Kong style cafe where the service was efficient and fast.  There was free wifi provided too!

Goldsor Breakfast Menu

From the Breakfast Menu (served 8 to 11:15 a.m.), I ordered Combo O.  It included a bowl of vermicelli with satay beef and a scrambled egg sandwich.  It was such a good deal for just $6.50.  Hong Kong style breakfast combos are the best.  It came with a hot drink too (hot lemon water for me!).

Vermicelli with Satay Beef and Egg Sandwich. $6.50

The egg sandwich came as layers of scrambled egg sandwiches between two white bread slices.  Yum!

Egg sandwich

The vermicelli was especially soft here and I found it delicious!  The satay wasn’t spicy and the beef was moderate.  Overall, I really enjoyed the vermicelli though; its soft stringy texture was much appreciated.

Vermicelli with satay beef

That was all!  After 30-45 minutes of feasting, we left on our 1.5-2 hour road trip to Haliburton!  Tune in soon to read about the restaurants that we ate at during the trip. 🙂

How come I never noticed this restaurant in the Times Square plaza?

– – –

December 15, 2017:

Goldsor Lunch Specials

Lunch Specials

After a short work day, my mom and I had an late lunch at Goldsor Restaurant Cafe.  The last time I visited was the above visit!  I was pleasantly surprised and impressed yet again at their Lunch Specials.  Considering it was after 1 p.m., the place was packed and there were lots of customers.

We ordered the Chicken in Portuguese Style with Rice and Angel Hair with Deep Fried Prawn & Sausage (Cream Sauce) from the Lunch Specials menu.  The lunch special included a soup, buns, and a drink with the dish all for just under $10.  I love Hong Kong style cafes and the wonderful deals they have. ^_^

I got the seafood cream soup while my mom got the Russian Bortsch soup.  The seafood cream soup was just to my liking; creamy and tasty.  We got a basket of warm buns too; these were the good types of buns. 😀  Soft!

Goldsor soup and bread

Soups, buns, and drinks

bread buns

Soft buns

Goldsor lunch


I was pleasantly surprised with how large the dish of Angel Hair pasta was!  It was definitely creamy which I loved — the pasta was drenched with the cream sauce.  The sausages were regular hot dogs cut up and there were two Japanese style fried prawns.  These were actually so crunchy and tasty!  I loved this dish.

Angel Hair with Deep Fried Prawn & Sausage (Cream Sauce)

Angel Hair with Deep Fried Prawn & Sausage (Cream Sauce). $8.49

The Chicken in Portuguese Style with Rice was actually so-so.  There was a small bowl of the chicken with Portuguese sauce.  In fact, there wasn’t even much of the chicken inside the bowl.  I think the rice was a little hard for our taste too.

Chicken in Portuguese Style with Rice

Chicken in Portuguese Style with Rice. $7.99

Goldsor Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. andy1076 says:

    The egg between the toast paired with the noodles, That’s so HK style 😀

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