Page One

hand reaching for a cheese plate

Page One located at 106 Mutual Street in Toronto

After our dinner at Imanishi Japanese Kitchen, some of the foodies wanted to get a coffee, so we happened to stop by Page One to check it out.

Page One is newly opened in Toronto, located on 106 Mutual Street near Ryerson University.  

It’s a medium-sized café serving up hot and cold drinks with menus for lunch or dinner.  I can see how it can be a great place for studying or even a chitchat with a friend or two.  They have numerous long and small wooden tables and a wall filled with potted plants.

 Page One storefront at night

Page One storefront at night

In addition to coffee and drinks, we decided to share a cheese plate.  There were two options, one for 1-2 people to share or a bigger one for 3-4 people to share.  We could choose four cheeses per cheese board out of the six selections.  We doubled up on the manchego and the first one and ordered one of everything else.

 Page One beverages and food menu on the wall

Page One beverages and food menu on the wall

 display of sweets and drinks

Sweets and drinks

 bar at Page One

A casual bar

 food menu at Page One

Food menu

There was a server that attended to us, but since it was later in the evening on a Saturday, there weren’t many people here in this café.

Cheese Plate

Cheese Plate. $12.99 (1-2 ppl)
-Beemster, Comte, Riopelle, Perl Las, Manchego, Red Fox, with crostini

When our cheese plate arrived, Anh and I were disappointed that the cheese and crostinis were merely placed on a white ceramic square plate.  We had expected an elaborate wooden board with sliced cheese arranged meticulously on the board.  (We both had fond memories of the beautiful and fully loaded charcuterie board experienced at Nuit Social.)  Here at Page One, it was very simply a plate with cheese and crackers on it.  No frills!


There were six types of cheese: Beemster, Comte, Riopelle, Perl Las, Manchego, Red Fox; and two types of crostinis: a thin crispy sesame one and a triangular wheat one.  I liked the triangular one crostini.

cheese plate

Beemster, Comte, Riopelle, Perl Las, Manchego, Red Fox

cheese plate

Beemster, Comte, Riopelle, Perl Las, Manchego, Red Fox

Close-up of cheese plate

Close-up of cheese plate

Close-up of cheese plate

Close-up of cheese plate

I was a huge fan of the Perl Las cheese that resembled blue cheese.  It was incredibly strong and those who don’t like goat or blue cheese will not enjoy this one.

The Manchego cheese is characterized by a distinctive zig-zag pattern (pleita) and very firm.

(Researching now about the cheeses that were in the cheese plate while writing this blog post, I don’t think we actually received the Riopelle cheese on their plate… there was nothing on our plate that looked like Riopelle cheese.  Hmm.  :/)

The other three cheeses were not too distinctive and tasted similar.

This was all a lot of cheese and crackers for even the five of us!

Jo and Jenny each ordered a latte while Anh and Raymond each ordered the whiskey sour.  I took a sip of Anh’s whiskey sour and liked how it was definitely sour and well made.


Latte $4.16

Whiskey Sour

Whiskey Sour

There seems to be a lot of positive hype about Page One online.  For me, I’d have to return here to try something on their lunch or dinner menu in order to fully try out their food.

Page One Café interior

What the restaurant café looks like when you walk in

Page One Café interior

Bar and cashier

It’s cute that they have a old-fashioned typewriter at the front and some knickknacks scattered on the table too.

Old-fashioned typewriter

Old-fashioned typewriter

Page One Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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2 Responses to Page One

  1. Firas says:

    Hello and thank you so much for your review and feedback. We apologize for not responding earlier, we got caught up with free beer sampling & live music events over the past few days. We are sorry our cheese plate didn’t fully meet your expectations; we originally used to serve cheeses on wooden boards, but found out from our health inspector that it poses health risks to our guests since we serve soft cheeses too and wooden board cheeses harbour bacteria that could cause food poising. We would love to have you over again to try some of our other foods, as a matter of fact we will be hosting a two day pop up event this coming Wednesday & Thursday with very unique dishes by chief Eddie Ahn from E&J Canapé. We will also have beer sampling on Fridays from 5-8 pm and live indie music on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays! would love to see you again at Page One Cafe & Bar.

    • stenoodie says:

      Hi Firas! Thank you for the detailed response; I appreciate it! That is good to know about why plates are used instead of a wooden board for the Cheese Plate. Hygiene would definitely be of utmost importance more than the aesthetics of the dish; I’m so glad you clarified this!

      What time will the two-day pop-up event this coming Wednesday and Thursday be happening? I’d love to drop by to sample the unique dishes if it works with my schedule. Looking forward to trying out more from Page One! 🙂

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