Tendou Matcha & Dessert

Tendou Matcha & Dessert

Tendou Matcha & Dessert located at 3621 Highway 7 E, Unit 118 in Markham

Oh hello, brand new matcha dessert cafe in Markham!  Tendou Matcha & Dessert recently opened in Markham at Highway 7 and Courtyard Lane (same plaza as Gal’s Sushi and Dessert Kitchen) to excited matcha fans all over the GTA.

Ice cream cones, matcha-flavoured soft serve, and desserts of this type have been the rage in Toronto as of late and ever since pictures of Tendou have been popping up on Instagram, a lot of foodies have been eyeing this place and needing to come check it out.

It just so happened that after our dinner at Sansotei Ramen, we were in search of a dessert place and Marilyn thought of Tendou.  I only realized after the fact of what a great opportunity this was to try Tendou out.  😀

 Tendou Matcha & Desserts interior

Tendou operates a fast casual cafe. Order your goods at the front and they bring it to your table or as you wait

 Tendou Matcha & Desserts interior

Two staff working during our visit

 Matcha green tea used at Tendou

Different ranges of matcha tea

Tendou Matcha & Dessert is currently in their soft opening stage (at the time of writing) and still experimenting with their menu and what and how to serve their items.  At this time, they have many drinks made with matcha, desserts with matcha, and soft serve matcha too.

 Matcha items at Tendou

Their current selection of matcha goods

We were able to try their Tendou-style Matcha Opera Cake and Black Sesame and Matcha Swirl Ice Cream in a Cup to share among the three of us.  I was so excited!

We had to wait a few minutes for the black sesame to be ready from their soft serve machine, but that was fine with us.

Tendou-style Matcha Opera Cake

Tendou-style Matcha Opera Cake. $7~

The Tendou-style Matcha Opera Cake was outfitted with some fresh fruit on the side (which also took a few minutes to to be prepared by their staff before being served).  It was a really nice presentation of cake and fruits served on a plate and on a wooden plate.

At first bite, the Matcha Opera Cake was a little dry — the cake itself — but the matcha mousse on the top really topped to moisten things out.   The matcha texture and flavour was definitely there.  It was real matcha!  The top of the cake was covered with some sesame bits.  Over time, the cake tasted more and more sweet.  This was a great cake to share with friends as it would be too much to have for one person.

Matcha Opera Cake

Cute little tray; perfect treat to share with a friend or two!

Black Sesame and Matcha Swirl Soft Serve

Black Sesame and Matcha Swirl Soft Serve in a cup. $4.50

The Black Sesame and Matcha Swirl Soft Serve came in a cup (or you can ask for it in a cone) and looked so good!  For $4.50, it’s fairly decent considering what most places serve for matcha and black sesame soft serve nowadays.  The Matcha Soft Serve was rich and slightly bitter; what authentic matcha should be like!  It was a little thick too and rich.  The Black Sesame Soft Serve was the same way; rich and authentically black sesame taste.  Yum!  I think the machine didn’t even distribute the black sesame soft serve evenly though because there was more matcha ice cream than black sesame in our cup.  The table next to ours had a more even distribution.


 Tendou Matcha & Desserts storefront

They are open from Tuesday to Sunday noon to midnight!

There are a couple of tables and stools for you to dine in to enjoy your treats, but Tendou Matcha & Desserts wants more of their customers to take out their treats since it is a fast casual type of cafe and you pay at the counter.  They provide free wifi too.

I would love to return again and have a big cone of their matcha or black sesame soft serve!  I can see this place becoming very popular in the upcoming summer months. 🙂

Tendou Matcha & Dessert Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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