New King Mandarin Cuisine (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

New King Mandarin Cuisine wontons

New King Mandarin Cuisine located at Zeedijk 115-117 1012 AV in Amsterdam, Netherlands

After our quick meal of authentic Dutch fries on the streets of Amsterdam, the adults still wanted some good old fashioned hot Chinese food to comfort the stomachs, so we headed back towards the Red Light District to Chinatown where we stepped into New King Mandarin Cuisine to eat a ‘second’ dinner.  

Since we were already halfway full with fries, curry, and mayonnaise, we ordered some noodle soups with wontons and dumplings to share.

New King Mandarin Cuisine was packed when we walked in and they had a lower level too.

 New King Mandarin Cuisine menu cover

New King Mandarin Cuisine menu cover

 New King Mandarin Cuisine Noodle Soup menu

Noodle Soup menu

 New King Mandarin Cuisine chopsticks and logo

Their chopsticks against their sleek wooden tables

 New King Mandarin Cuisine interior

It was fairly dark inside but it made for a very comfortable dining experience

 wontons, "sui kau" dumplings, wonton noodle soups

Food’s here! This is what we got to share — wontons, “sui kau” dumplings, wonton noodle soups

I really wasn’t hungry at all since I had just ingested almost 50% of the two large cone of Dutch fries.

Thus, I tried out the wontons and dumplings when they arrived to the table.

The food arrived quickly and the size of the wontons and “sui kau”  dumplings were so much bigger than we expected!

The wontons were large, chock full of plump shrimp, and tasty!  The skin of the wonton was thin too and the soup base was good.

Rijststicks Soep Klein Wantan

Rijststicks Soep Klein Wantan. 7€
-Rice Noodle Soup with Wontons (small)

Bami Soep Klein Wantan

Bami Soep Klein Wantan. 7€
-Noodle Soup with Wontons (small)

The “sui kau” dumplings were so meaty and chunky that it almost tasted like eating a sui mai dim sum in a wrapped wonton.  It was extra filling because of that.  I did like the wontons more though because of the fresh shrimp. 🙂

Sui Kai Soep Groot

Sui Kai Soep Groot. 12€
-“Sui Kau” Dumplings (large)

 New King Mandarin Cuisine exterior

I wanted to take a picture of the restaurant from the outside but when we left, there was a huge dumpster outside so I just took a quick picture of what was in front — this sign on their wall

We were all so full very quickly but still managed to finish our bowls.  Yummy!

Ken made a joke to the server that the wontons were too big and the server told us that’s what they are famous for.  Their customers love their huge wontons with lots of stuffing!

Awesome!  So cool that I got to try some Chinese food from Amsterdam too! 🙂




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