Hot Taste Restaurant 糊塗樓

Hot Taste Restaurant noodles

Hot Taste Restaurant located at 324 Highway 7 East, Unit 1 in Richmond Hill

It was Friday night and my mom and I dined at this restaurant that we hadn’t been to before.  Hot Taste Restaurant (糊塗樓) is located at the Ho-View Plaza on Highway 7 near Chalmers Road and is a Chinese Sichuan restaurant.  Just as the name of the restaurant implies, they serve a lot of spicy and hot food!  Just as the name of the restaurant implies, they serve a lot of spicy and hot food!

We arrived shortly after 5 p.m. and were one of the first customers to dine in.  In fact, some of the kitchen staff were finishing up their dinner as we arrived.  

Hot Taste Restaurant storefront

Their storefront facing Highway 7

There were a lot of Sichuan and northern Chinese dishes on the menu (it was a brand new menu fresh off the press seeing as it was hard to turn the pages due to the sheer “newness” of the pages in the menu).  We ordered the Szechuan Style Sliced Lamb, Dan Dan Noodles with Spicy Sauce, House Special Fried Pancake, and steamed rice to share.

Hot Taste Restaurant business card

Their business card

The food actually came out really quickly after we placed the orders.  I was happy with this.

The Dan Dan Noodles with Spicy Sauce were not the typical “dam dam” noodles type made with peanut butter.  Instead, it was a bowl of noodles swimming in a pool of spicy oil.  While the dish was spicy, it was still a very good bowl of noodles.  We were able to take the spice.

Dan Dan Noodles with Spicy Sauce

Dan Dan Noodles with Spicy Sauce. $6.75

The Szechuan Style Sliced Lamb contained many slices of lamb sitting in a bowl also with spicy oil and sauce.  There were also glass noodles and bean sprouts near the bottom of the bowl which soaked up all of the spicy oil.  This was a perfect dish to go with steamed rice!  The slices of lamb were delicious.

Szechuan Style Sliced Lamb

Szechuan Style Sliced Lamb. $14.25

Szechuan Style Sliced Lamb

A decent portion of sliced lamb and glass noodles

The House Special Fried Pancake was really a chives pancake and I’ve had this many times in other restaurants; it is one of my favourite Chinese side orders to get.  I found that the portion size was good here but the pancake itself was very chewy.  I wish there were more scrambled eggs and vermicelli inside of the pancake too.

House Special Fried Pancake

House Special Fried Pancake. $6.75

There were so many more appealing dishes on the menu at Hot Taste Restaurant that I wouldn’t mind coming back again to try more. 🙂  The prices were decent and the service was prompt.

Hot Taste Restaurant food

Bird’s eye view of the noodles and lamb

Hot Taste Restaurant interior

Clean and spacious

Hot Taste Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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