Australia Dairy Company

Australia Dairy Company

Australia Dairy Company located at G/F, 47-49 Parkes Street, Jordan in Hong Kong

Sept 23, 2016 – 澳洲牛奶公司 (Australia Dairy Company).

Australia Dairy Company nearly requires no introduction.  It is simply one of the oldest and best places to enjoy some steamed milk pudding, egg pudding, and scrambled egg sandwiches in Hong Kong.  

I had visited this Hong Kong style cafe before but this is obviously my first time blogging about it.  When we were there in September of 2016, the line stretched from the doorway to the side of the restaurant and you could tell that not only was this a place that you have to visit if you are in Hong Kong but it is also the go-to for locals too.  They are ideal for fast breakfasts, afternoon tea, or dessert or snacks.

Australia Dairy Company

Australia Dairy Company signage

Australia Dairy Company line-up

Fast-moving line

After our dim sum in the morning, we headed here for a post-lunch meal.  We were in the area anyway and my handy OpenRice app alerted me that we were so close to the Australian Dairy Company that it would have made me leave with huge pangs of regret if I didn’t stop by for their infamous puddings and egg sandwiches.

Australia Dairy Company line-up

View from our place in line

Australia Dairy Company puddings

You can see all of the steamed puddings from the outside

Australia Dairy Company menu

Menu from the outside

Thus, we waited in line for 10 minutes with the others before we were seated to a table.  It was packed in here and you must be ready to share a table with other strangers, otherwise good luck getting in at all.  It’s simply the norm here in Hong Kong to share tables at busy restaurants.

Australia Dairy Company interior

The inside of their restaurant at a glance from the doorway

The menu is on a sheet of paper covered by plastic on the table — another standard way of restaurants in Hong Kong — and the server was on us immediately to take our orders.  There’s not much to choose from and all the servers know the orders already.  Apparently, the average customer’s stay is just 10 minutes here because their service is just so efficient and fast.

Australia Dairy Company menu

Menu on the table

蛋白燉鲜奶 杏汁燉雞蛋

蛋白燉鲜奶 $28 HKD
杏汁燉雞蛋 $28 HKD

We ordered one steamed egg pudding with almond flavour (杏汁燉雞蛋), one steamed milk pudding with egg white (蛋白燉鲜奶), and one scrambled egg sandwich (toasted) to share.  Within a minute — not even joking, the two puddings were on our table followed shortly by the sandwich.

I absolutely loved the steamed milk pudding.  It was incredibly smooth and soft.  It was delicious!!  The steamed egg pudding was rich and dense too but I loved the steamed milk pudding way more.

Australia Dairy Company egg pudding


The toasted scrambled egg sandwich (炒蛋三文治) was perfection.  100% perfection.  I’m not sure how they scrambled their eggs to be so smooth, runny, and soft, but it was delicious.  I would have wanted another one all to myself but one half was probably enough for that visit.

Australia Dairy Company egg sandwich

Scrambled egg sandwich 炒蛋三文治. $18 HKD

We left within 10 minutes for sure as per the average.

As we left, the restaurant continued to run seamlessly with more people lining up around the restaurant’s exterior.

Australia Dairy Company interior

One more view of the interior

I ❤ the Australia Dairy Company! ^_^

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