Yee Shun Milk Company

Yee Shun Milk Company dessert

Yee Shun Milk Company located at 63 Pilkem St,, Jordan in Hong Kong

Oct 1, 2016 –  Yee Shun Milk Company 港澳義順牛奶公司

In the late afternoon before dinner, we passed by Yee Shun Milk Company in Jordan and I just had to go in to try a bowl of their 雙皮奶 “double skin milk” dessert.  

I definitely remember dining here once before in years past with my mom and her friend.

Coming here again, I was comparing this place closely to that of the Australian Dairy Company and I would have to say that the other place had better dessert (clearly why they didn’t have any line-ups here when we arrived).  However, it was still a really classic Hong Kong style dessert that tasted decent.

Yee Shun Milk Company interior

The interior was very clean. I think they had renovated since I last visited

Yee Shun Milk Company menu

Classic menu underneath the glass on the table


Double yum!


雙皮奶 $32 HKD

Yee Shun Milk Company milk pudding

Milk puddings displayed inside the restaurant but seen from the outside

 egg puddings

Egg puddings

Yee Shun Milk Company storefront

Their storefront


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