Media Tasting at Moji Japanese Eatery

 Toroniku Ramen at Moji Japanese Eatery

Moji Japanese Eatery located at 8362 Kennedy Road, Unit A6 in Markham

Last night, Patrick of @feedmyphone fame invited a number of fellow foodies and I to a Media Tasting at Moji Japanese Eatery.  Moji Japanese Eatery is a casual and modern Japanese-inspired restaurant that serves eats like rice, udon, appetizers, drinks, and desserts.  They have a brand new menu (for food and dessert and drinks!), one of which featured a Toroniku (pork cheek meat) Ramen.

I was excited to be part of the FeedMyPhoneInstaMeet get-together to try out these brand new menu items.  I always love Patrick’s events too because they are well thought out and coupled with the most adorable name cards and take-away gifts!

 Jenny @cardsbyjd creations

Cutest name card designed by Jenny @cardsbyjd

First, take a look at the brand new menus at Moji Japanese Eatery!  Click to view a larger image.

Moji Japanese Eatery new menu

New menus at Moji Japanese Eatery

Moji Japanese Eatery new menu drinks dessert

New drinks and dessert menu

Moji Japanese Eatery new Happy hour menu

They now have a Happy Hour set too! So affordable!

The tasting menu for the evening was already set for us.

 FeedMyPhoneInstaMeet tasting menu

FeedMyPhoneInstaMeet tasting menu

Upon arriving, the server took our orders for a drink.  Since it was snow squalling outside, I ordered a hot drink to start, a Hot Authentic Japanese Matcha Milk Tea.  This tasted very smooth and was a perfect comfort drink with a strong matcha taste.

Hot Authentic Japanese Matcha Milk Tea

Hot Authentic Japanese Matcha Milk Tea. $4.50 (or $2 with meal)

The #FeedMyPhoneInstaMeet was very casual.  We shared the appetizers family-style and then enjoyed our own bowls of ramen and dessert.

 appetizers at Moji Japanese Eatery

Family style appetizer feast

The Cheese Tiger Prawns came in four and were fresh shrimp on a skewer drizzled with cheese sauce, Japanese mayo, and topped with strips of nori and bonito flakes.  I absolutely loved this appetizer because the shrimps were so fresh and tasted great with the sauce.  This was so good that I asked for seconds too.

Cheese Tiger Prawns

Cheese Tiger Prawns. $5.80

The Crispy Lobster Crunch was served with seaweed salad in the bowl and you ate it by spooning the lobster pieces onto the pieces of nori.  The pieces of lobster in the dish were substantial!

Crispy Lobster Crunch

Crispy Lobster Crunch. $4.80

Crispy Lobster Crunch

Crispy Lobster Crunch and seaweed salad on piece of nori

I love Tako Wasabi and these pieces of chopped up octopus marinated in wasabi stem were perfectly done.  They were spicy thanks to the strong wasabi.  This was delicious!

Tako Wasabi

Tako Wasabi. $3.80

The Chicken Karaage were large pieces of fried chicken in a bowl topped with cheese sauce, Japanese mayo, strips of nori, and bonito flakes.

Chicken Karaage

Chicken Karaage. $5.80

The Wasabi Tobiko Takoyaki were plump fried balls with octopus inside.

Wasabi Tobiko Takoyaki

Wasabi Tobiko Takoyaki. $5.95

The Tuna Tataki was another one of my favourites that night.  It was one of the new items on the menu.  The slices of raw tuna were paired with scallions and soy sauce.  I really liked the freshness of each piece and how the accompanying sauces didn’t overwhelm the delicate tuna flavour.

Tuna Tataki

Tuna Tataki. $6.95

After the appetizers, the server took our orders for the ramen.  The brand new Toroniku Ramen came in non-spicy or spicy.  (Toroniku cha-shu is simmered pork cheek [jowl] meat.)  The spicy version actually had a spoonful of the spicy paste on it whereby which you could moderate how much you actually added to the bowl of ramen.  Thus, after hearing this explanation, everybody in the group decided to order the spicy version.

At this time, I also tried out one of their cold drinks, the Iced Ginger Fruit Lemonade.  This was refreshing and tarty thanks to the lemonade.

Iced Ginger Fruit Lemonade

Iced Ginger Fruit Lemonade. $4 (or $2 with meal)

Spicy Toroniku Ramen

Spicy Toroniku Ramen set. $13

The ramen orders came out quite promptly for everyone and once it did, everyone got to work on their individual photo shoots for the ramen bowls.  The Spicy Toroniku Ramen came with rich broth with the spicy pasted on a spoon, and a plate full of the toroniku pork cheek slices, black fungus, bamboo shoots; the half-boiled eggs in a separate dish; and some spicy powder in a shake-container all on the side.  It was a cute tray of deliciousness!  After a few photos, I was ready to dig in to try this brand new ramen.


Toroniku (pork cheek meat), black fungus, scallions, bamboo shoots

 Spicy ramen

Spicy ramen

 Half-boiled eggs

Half-boiled eggs on the side

I really liked the consistency and texture of the ramen noodles.  This was my first time eating ramen at Moji (I had previously been here for dinner and only tried their rice and udon — you can read about the experience here).  I was impressed with the al dente-like texture of the ramen.  I really liked the broth as well.  What I loved the most though, like many others commented on, was the smoothness of the pork cheeks and how delicious they were.  They were slightly salted already and oh-so-thin!  I loved this. πŸ™‚

Tapioca Black Milk Tea Soft Serve

Tapioca Black Milk Tea Soft Serve

We finished off with the dessert, also a brand new one:  Tapioca Black Milk Tea Soft Serve.  This was presented in Moji-style; a serving of soft serve ice cream swirled in a plastic cup, with a Pocky stuck on its side, and served on a tray with the Moji business card displayed in front.  For this dessert though, there were also dozens of tapioca pearls surrounding the swirl of soft serve ice cream.

The Milk Tea Soft Serve ice cream really did taste like a cup of milk tea!  I was impressed.  Also, the tapioca pearls were very chewy and smooth; just the way they should be.  Yum!

Thank you so much to Patrick and the staff at Moji Japanese Eatery for hosting and providing such a satisfying and thoroughly delicious tasting menu for us.  Everything was considered thoughtfully for us foodies, from the name cards to the items on the tasting menu, to the exemplary service that night.  Again, thank you to Alyssa @bunnybumboxes for the creative ornament gifts and mason cup of portable hot chocolate, Jenny @cardsbyjd for the name cards, and to Love Me Sweet for their cheesecake parting gifts!  What an absolutely delightful night it was and also a great ending to tasting parties of 2016! πŸ™‚

 Foodie momentos

Thank you for the gifts, Alyssa, Jenny, and Patrick! ❀

Love Me Sweet Cheesecakes

Cheesecakes from Love Me Sweet! ❀

Some more photos from the evening:

Moji Japanese Eatery lights

Ceiling lamp at Moji — how creative. Do you spot the bat?

Moji Japanese Eatery tasting

Super cute!

 Moji Japanese Eatery interior

Since it was a snow storm night, we were one of the only large groups at Moji that night. And what a beautifully designed interior

FTC Disclaimer:  Although @feedmyphone invited me to a complimentary tasting to showcase Moji Japanese Eatery, the opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of the companies.

Moji Japanese Eatery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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