佳佳甜品 located at G/F, 121-123 Parkes Street, Jordan in Hong Kong

Sept 23. 2016 – 佳佳甜品

Finishing off our full day of food adventures on September 23, we arrived at 佳佳甜品 for some traditional Chinese desserts.  This dessert shop doesn’t appear to have an English name at all.  

They were rated highly on OpenRice and indeed, there were a ton of people here when we arrived.  It was first-come-first-serve service when we walked in as in we could choose any table we wanted to sit at.

佳佳甜品 menu and prices


佳佳甜品 interior

The ceiling was painted like the sky!

My mom and I ordered one dessert each, and very quickly, our desserts arrived.  I chose the black sesame paste soup (芝麻糊湯丸) with tong yuen with black sesame inside of it.  My mom ordered the Papaya, Snow Fungus, and Almonds Soup (冰糖燉木瓜).

Our orders arrived on a platter along with some other orders from other customers in the restaurant so I was able to snap this quick shot of the other available desserts.  They all looked so good!

Chinese desserts 佳佳甜品

Assorted Chinese desserts!

What can I say about the dessert?  It was fabulous.  It was traditional Chinese style and very authentic desserts.  The black sesame was smooth yet dense and thick.  The tong yuen was filled with black sesame paste.  The Papaya dessert was enriching, hot, and delicious.

black sesame paste soup

See the tong yuen? $18 HKD

black sesame paste soup

Yum! Not too sweet

Papaya, Snow Fungus, and Almonds Soup

Papaya, Snow Fungus, and Almonds Soup. $20 HKD

Papaya, Snow Fungus, and Almonds Soup

Look at that fluffy snow fungus!

I loved it all. 🙂

This dessert shop was very clean, modern, and open too.  It was not crowded at all and I think they could have fit in more tables and chairs if they really wanted to.  I can’t help but think this place must have been recently renovated or something because if it had been here for a long time there’s no way that it would have been this modern-looking…. 🙂  In particular, their tables and chairs are old-school Chinese style but the walls and ceilings are all new.

佳佳甜品 interior

View of the restaurant from the entrance

佳佳甜品 storefront

Its modern storefront — easy to spot from the street


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