BEP Vietnamese Kitchen

BEP Vietnamese Kitchen

BEP Vietnamese Kitchen located at Tsung Wing Ln, Central in Hong Kong

Sept.  24, 2016 –  BÊP Vietnamese Kitchen.

I feel lucky that every time I come to Hong Kong, I can meet up with friends who live in Hong Kong and are local residents.  On this visit, I got to meet up with Carson again and we met up in his neighbourhood of Central, Hong Kong for lunch!  

It was a really humid and hot day so after riding the well-known long covered escalators and walking up and down the winding hills of Soho, we entered the cool air-conditioned space of BÊP Vietnamese Kitchen for lunch.

 BEP kitchen Hong Kong

Partially open concept kitchen which Carson pointed out was not common in this style in HK

It was a loud and happening place with lots of expats and locals dining inside the restaurant.  Carson had been to this restaurant before and recommended the Fresh Lime, Mint, and Cucumber Soda, perfect for such a hot day that we were having.  It immediately cooled me down as I took a sip.  It was very refreshing too with the cucumber and herbs.

Fresh Lime, Mint, and Cucumber Soda

Fresh Lime, Mint, and Cucumber Soda. $38 HKD

We shared the appetizer and since we each got a different Bun Rice Vermicelli, we exchanged the contents of our dish to try different things.

I liked the food as it was fresh and tasted good. 🙂

Service here was friendly too but it did get quite loud in here with a lot of people coming in and out for lunch.  We actually changed the first table we were seated at to another one since our first table mates were excessively loud. XD

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  1. gchan7127 says:

    OMG I caught up lol. ❤

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