New York in Spring 2017 Day 2: Shake Shack Burgers, Greenwich, Rice to Riches

Day 2 NYC collage

Day 2 in New York City!

April 28, 2017:  Day 2 in New York!

After sleeping in thoroughly after a delayed flight from coming in from Toronto, we woke up ready to find breakfast and begin our foodie trip.  In preparing for our trip, we looked at YouTube videos to find top food lists of New York and consulted friends to find coveted spots to eat in the Big Apple.  It was a beautiful spring day and good enough for shorts and sundresses.

We consulted the map (handy wifi and Google Maps) and searched Eataly out as the first spot of the day.  My friend Betty had recommended it to me as a spot to visit and since it was around the area and on route to Continue reading